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Each year, the Harry & David Candy Kitchen works tirelessly to bring you the sweetest gourmet chocolates, and that is no exception with the Limited Edition Holiday Truffles gift box, that draws inspiration from current trends and traditional tastes to craft a balanced box of velvety, chocolatey goodness.

A list of more than 30 unique flavors and fillings is researched and developed, tasted, then culled down to the top 10, says Julie Tuter, senior merchandising manager at Harry & David. From there, she says, the team refines each chocolate and filling to achieve the perfect, final roster of melt-in-your-mouth truffles.

A photo of truffles with a box containing 24 truffles of different colors with a plate of the four of the same truffles next to it with the lid of the box propped up next to the box.

Are there any flavors that never make the cut? “Pear doesn’t work,” says Julie Taylor, manager of the Candy Kitchen. “It’s too wimpy.” Very surprising considering the company’s history with producing some of the finest pears.

Flavors of the season

This year’s holiday box of 24 gourmet chocolate truffles offers a combination of four seasonal flavors and two classic Harry & David dark chocolate versions with one-of-a-kind holiday decorations.

Your lucky gift recipient will enjoy four each of this year’s custom flavors:

  • Creamy gingerbread milk chocolate
  • Chai spice truffles ensconced in doré chocolate, which is naturally caramel colored and flavored
  • Toffee-pecan milk chocolate truffles that taste like grandma’s homemade pecan pie
  • Candy cane white chocolate truffles made of refreshing peppermint cream and topped with crunchy candy cane bits.

Please note: These truffles are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten.

Truffles by the thousands

With truffles being a top-selling holiday product year-over-year, we thought it would be fun to have you guess how many custom-flavored truffles were produced for the 2021 limited edition holiday truffle gift box. Was it…

A) 7,500

B) 15,225

C) 20,350

D) 25,200

If you guessed D, you deserve a truffle treat. Harry & David produced 25,200 custom-flavored truffles for their holiday gift boxes. That’s a lot of cacao!

Keeping it in-house

The stunning illustrated cover art on the 2021 limited edition holiday truffle gift box is a nod to nostalgia: a red truck from yesteryear piled high with gleefully wrapped gifts, rolling through the seasonal snow. Each artistic box is hand-packed. And when the last of these seasonal chocolates is consumed, this colorful container can be repurposed as a holiday card storage box.

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