I am wine-loving mom, hear me roar.

From my favorite French rosé that I enjoy throughout spring and summer to dreaming up red wine pairings for the barbecue my husband loves, wine sets the scene for bonding with friends, relaxing at the end of the day, and home entertaining.

When gifting wine for the oenophile moms in my life on Mother’s Day, I reach for flavor profiles that will please their discerning palates while also taking into account the pleasures of wine the year through.

Here is a round-up of eight terrific wine gifts for wine-derful moms. These include picks for their next picnic, nightcap, or get-together, and, of course, wine-related gifts — all sure to make a splash this Mother’s Day.

wine gifts for mom bottles of wine

Bottles of wine

Choose six bottles from a selection of 22 different wines all from the Pacific Northwest, including the outstanding Rogue, Umpqua, and Willamette valleys in Oregon. This is a treat for the wine connoisseur mom who is building her collection. I especially love the 2021 pinot noir, which offers all the depth and complexity of a French pinot from Burgundy — they sit at the same latitude — but with less acidity (due to the cooler Oregon climate).

wine gifts for mom springtime wine gift

Springtime Wine Gift

Spring represents rebirth and since your mother is the one who birthed you, this gift is ideal for her. Spend the day with Mom as she gets to enjoy two bottles (OK, so maybe not all in one day, right?) from Lucca & Sons Cellars — rosé and a white blend — that pairs beautifully with salami, sharp white cheddar cheese, mini toasts, almonds, dried apricots, and honey mustard.

wine gifts for mom backpack picninc gift

Backpack Picnic Gift Set

Toting this picnic set along on the next trip to the park or the beach — even your backyard! — would make for a helluva Saturday outing with a best mom friend. The insulated cooler keeps the two wines (Ross Lane red blend and an award-winning chardonnay) cool. The red blend goes especially well with cheese and salami. I love this gift for the new mom of a baby or toddler who won’t yet wander too far off the picnic blanket.

A photo of wine gifts for mom with a personalized stemless wine glass full of rose

Personalized Wine Glasses

What, do you expect her to drink straight from the bottle? Your mother’s classy! Commemorate Mother’s Day by printing a dedication, an inspirational quote, or a love note on a wine glass, with or without a stem, in one of three sizes. If I had one of these, it would be the glass I would reach for when I want to unwind with a generous pour of my favorite rosé.

wine gifts for mom sweets and sparkling gift set

Sweets & Sparkling Wine Bar

Your mother is sweet and has a sparkling personality, so why wouldn’t you get this gift for her? It’s named for her, silly! Plus, the presentation of the 10 different sweet cookies, cakes, and pies is absolutely adorable. Again, just like Mom! The sparkling part of the gift is a bottle each of sparkling rosé and white.

A photo of wine gifts for mom with several personalized wine stem charms with photos of a married couple

Photo Wine Charms

I treasure my personalized coffee mugs. I have a half dozen of them, with everything from photos of my son’s Little League team to baby photo collages to the words “I love you so much, Mama” I made for myself (I know). Think of them as a special gift for a wine-loving grandmother and create charms with pictures of her grandkids.

wine gifts for mom mothers day chocolate wine gift

Mother’s Day Chocolate and Wine

This gift should come with a note that reads “Break in Case of Emergency.” Every mom knows there are days when sneaking off to nibble bites of dark chocolate raspberry truffles — or milk chocolate-covered anything (cherries, blueberries, pretzels) — is necessary. And Mom can enjoy all these treats as she “relaxes”wines down” with a glass of Harry & David 2020 Royal Crest Red blend.

wine gifts for mom red roses with wine

Red Roses and Wine

For a beautiful gesture of love and affection, surprise your mom with two dozen red roses paired with one of six different varietals, including rosé, pinot gris, and reserve pinot noir. Roses and rosé are a perfect match since floral notes are among the wide range of aromatics you’ll discover in a glass of rosé. Don’t forget to add some chocolate truffles while you’re at it.


Theresa Gambacorta is a freelance food writer, a veteran of New York City restaurants, and cookbook co-author to chef Joey Campanaro's Big Love Cooking (Chronicle) and James Beard-nominated chef Nasim Alikhani's Sofreh: A Contemporary Approach to Classic Persian Cuisine (Knopf). She is currently working on a forthcoming vegan cookbook to be published by Simon Element.

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