Holiday presents are about bringing smiles and joy. You know what holiday presents are not about? Blowing your budget on an overly lavish and expensive gift. Now, maybe our dollar doesn’t go quite as far as it used to, but you can still find plenty of quality gifts for under $50. These Christmas gifts and other delightful goodies will thrill your loved ones and your wallet. Time to spread the joy!

gifts under 50 cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

Legend has it, when the holiday of Christmas was formed, a group of wise men and women put together a set of rules. There’s the tree decorating; putting gifts underneath it; blasting holiday songs all day while baking cookies; and the scents. Cinnamon may be the official aroma of Christmas. What better way to enjoy it than in roll form and in the shape of a Christmas tree? 49.99

gifts under 50 royal riviera pears

Royal Riviera Pears

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Harry & David? Award-winning wine? Sure! Charcuterie? Absolutely! Gourmet gift baskets? Well, duh. But what about the one product that got this Southern Oregon-based company started? Pears! These beauts have become synonymous with Christmas gifting, coming in such gifts as Christmas pearswrapped in gold, paired with red ones, and even a decorating kit. $34.99-49.99

gifts under 50 holiday tower of treats

Holiday Tower of Sweet Treats

You know what you can hide in these two boxes??? Yeah, sure, that… But wouldn’t you rather uncover milk chocolate popcorn, yogurt-covered pretzels, chocolate mints, chocolate truffles, and cookies? $44.99

gifts under 50 signature holiday truffles

Signature Holiday Truffles

The number 24 has a lot of meanings. Sure, it signifies the number of hours in a day, but it is also considered a lucky number. That’s why whoever gets this box of 24 chocolate truffles this year, or any year, is one lucky person! This collection of 24 truffles includes six different flavors, including coffee, dark chocolate, and cherry. Besides, for earning the blue ribbon for being the best hostess gift, they’re also the best to nibble on while binge watching a certain Kiefer Sutherland TV show. $44.99

gifts under 50 moose munch popcorn holiday drum

Moose Munch Holiday Drum

What’s considered by many to be the perfect caramel corn snack (the secret is the butter), Moose Munch also makes the perfect gift for anyone on your list — including yourself. The Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Holiday Drum will brighten spirits around the office or can be divided up for sweet stocking stuffers. Enjoy classic flavors like dark chocolate and classic caramel. $44.99

gifts under 50 golden elegance tower with ghirardelli

Golden Elegance Tower with Ghirardelli

Talk about a tower of power! Each of the five gold and green octagonal tiers is bursting with chocolate treats made by Ghiradelli, which has been delighting the world with the richness and sweetness of fine chocolate products since 1852. In addition to the chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate hot cocoa mix, chocolate squares, and chocolate caramel, there’s also caramel popcorn from, where else, The Popcorn Factory. The pièce de résistance? Whoopi pies! $44.99

gifts under 50 holiday citrus trio

Holiday Citrus Trio

The tradition of giving fruit as a Christmas gift may date back to the Great Depression, or even go as far back as the Middle Ages. Regardless of when it started, citrus fruits were considered exotic and hard to come by, and nothing says “Hope your Christmas is scurvy free” like a gift basket of oranges. There’s also a tradition among some families of putting an orange in someone’s stocking, which is supposed to represent a bag of gold from jolly ol’ St. Nick. Order this gift and you’ll have the option to substitute bags of gold with plump, tangy red grapefruits, juicy navel oranges, and vibrantly colored red navel oranges. $49.99

gifts under 50 fruitcake


The butt of many jokes at Christmastime, the fruitcake is still the gold standard of holiday desserts. Harry & David has made its own version since 1947, the recipe for which is guarded by the most elite K9 unit. And based on the sales of this classic and traditional confection, it looks like the folks there know what they’re doing. $24.99-39.99

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