Baskets, with their fake grass, plastic and chocolate eggs, and other sweet treats, are synonymous with Easter. For all you DIYers out there, we have just what you need to build the perfect one for the kids, and the kids at heart. Here are our favorite Easter basket stuffers.

Easter basket stuffers with two chocolate Easter bunnies in a basket.

Mr. & Mrs. Ears Milk Chocolate Easter Bunnies

No Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny. Mr. & Mrs. Ears, a doting couple since 2013, never go out of style. They are each 10 ounces of solid gourmet milk chocolate, with the silliest, gigantic ears you ever did see. (Sorry, Bugs.) They’re so adorable that it may be hard to devour them. Hard, but certainly not impossible — those ears are just asking to be nibbled.

Easter basket stuffers with a box of Easter decorated cookies.

Easter cookies

Cookie monsters big and small won’t be able to get enough of the tasty assortment in this Easter Cookie Gift Box. Each box includes 16 buttery Easter cookies in five varieties, including lemon-filled, flower-cutout shortbreads, vanilla shortbreads with sanding sugar, and two classic sugar cookies decorated as a bunny and a chick. Include them in each Easter basket you make, and any extra can be used to make cookie milk. Yes, cookie milk. You’ll thank us later.

Easter basket stuffs with a collection of confectionary in different containers.

Easter candy

Sweet or sour, tutti or fruity, jelly beans or gummies. You can’t go wrong with any of these gourmet Easter candies. The Pick Four Candies option is perfect for sprinkling the fun in each Easter basket. Choose your favorite foursome from a selection of 10 different treats: candy club blush bears, sour tangerine gummy whales, kiwi watermelon cotton candy, and strawberry milkshake gummy pigs, to name our favorite four. So, forget the Pixie Stix…these candies are the ultimate sugar rush!

Easter basket stuffers with a box of different flavors of Moose Munch.

Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Spring Box

Easter is one of those times when it is OK to put all your eggs, or in this case treats, in one basket — and one of those treats should be Moose Munch. The Moose Munch Premium Popcorn Spring Box comes with a bag each of delicious classic caramel, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate flavors. With this many varieties, we have only one word to describe this trio: snacktastic!

Easter basket stuffers with a gift box next to several bowls of chocolate covered cherries.

Chocolate-covered cherries

Our favorite chocolate-covered cherries and berries are sure to kick things up a notch at the egg hunt. They’re crafted using sun-ripened cherries (because moon-ripened ones don’t taste as sweet) that are dipped twice (which is so much better than once) in either milk or dark chocolate and then smothered in a sweet candy coating (because a salty one is an abomination). They have no connection to Easter, but they’re so good that we thought they should be enjoyed during every holiday.

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