1. Catch her by surprise

Moms don’t expect gifts since birthing you will always be the greatest gift she can receive. But you know you should get her a gift because, well, she birthed you and changed your diapers and fed you (perhaps still does)! She’ll never see it coming if you surprise her with a gift a few days before Mother’s Day. And you know everyone loves surprises, especially when they’re dipped and delicious.

2. Make ‘em jealous

Remember when your office mate got that cake pop delivery for her anniversary? And how envious everyone was of her thoughtful husband (and the delicious Belgian chocolate cake pops)? When you send Mom an unexpected treat at the office, she’ll enjoy the spotlight and appreciate your great taste, too. She’ll then whip out her wallet to show everyone your photo from second grade.

3. Beat the crowd

reasons to deliver moms gift early

Family that live in the area will treat Mom on Mother’s Day, perhaps to a beautiful brunch or dinner. And on that day, there will be gifts galore. So many that your gift might get lost in the crowd. You can always wrap your gift in exotic wrapping paper, add bows and strings, but it will make more of an impact — and remind her why you’re her favorite (come on, they all have their favorite) — if she gets it before everyone else’s presents arrives.

4. Cross it off your list

It doesn’t make you a bad person if this reason is your modus operandi. Crossing tasks off your to-do list is a great feeling. It’s an even greater feeling if you always remember Mother’s Day weeks before the date. Mom would be proud of you for being organized. But then you figure it’s too early to ship your gift and decide you’ll get to it later. Then you remember again, a few days before, and you know you’re in trouble. So next time you remember you have to buy a gift for someone, decide to deliver the gift early. Then cross it off your to-do list.

5. Double the love

More is always better. Who doesn’t love more? More chocolate truffles. More flowers. More taxes…. wait, scratch that last one. When it comes to gifts and celebrating Mom, you already know she’ll get gifts on Mother’s Day. But if you deliver your delicious treats early, she’ll get twice the love, on two different days.

6. Get first pick

So you wanted to send your mom a basket of sweet and savory treats along with some wine. It’s the gift that offers the best of both worlds, er, sweet and savory. And there’s wine, too! But you waited too long, and now they’re sold out. That’s a sad gifting tale we’ve heard too many times. However, it will never come true if you order early. So, come on down and beat the rush.

7. Score the early bird special

Sure, there are some pretty good last-minute Mother’s Day sales. But often, the early bird discounts are even better — and you won’t be stressed about your gifts arriving on time. So shopping (and delivering) early really pays off.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go send your mom a Mother’s Day gift early!

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