We all know how challenging it can be to shop for people during the holidays, especially when it comes to those you work with. Whether it’s something that’s usefulindulgent, or just for fun, the gifts you get your employees should be more about showing your care than checking a box. Below are 14 amazing gift ideas for the holidays that will seriously impress coworkers with your thoughtful and creative gift giving.

Focus on the experience with a holiday gift

Some of the most memorable presents offer an immersive experience. From delicious food gifts to hands-on classes, these thoughtful gifts tap into all the senses. Our curated picks transform corporate gifting with presents that aptly convey employee appreciation.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a man and a woman making a charcuterie board together.

Charcuterie Board Workshop

Delicious cured meats? Check. Cheeses of varying sizes? Check. Putting it all together? That’s where the challenge comes in. Now, Alice’s Table offers a complete charcuterie kit and virtual master class to learn how to create the perfect charcuterie board.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a woman wrapped in a blanket and holding a mug.

Blanket Wrap and Mug Gift Set

It’s nesting season, so encourage your team to cozy up and relax on the weekends with this soft, wearable blanket and simple, chic “Happy” mug to fill with a favorite hot beverage. It’s the perfect recipe for self-care.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a platter of eggs Benedict and a platter of ham and a tray of English muffins in the background.

Gourmet Eggs Benedict Box

Rise and shine! Just add eggs and you have all the fixings for a delicious gourmet breakfast. The Eggs Benedict Box, which serves around four people, is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning feast.

Holiday gifts for employees that they wouldn’t buy for themselves

The most undervalued gifts are the ones that your recipient didn’t even know she needed. These practical and useful gifts are high on beauty and fun, and they won’t require you to splurge too much.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a basket of spa items.

Soothing Cherry Blossom Spa Kit

This gift set lets your employees know that when it’s time to clock out, it’s time to unwind. The essential spa kit includes such self-care favorites as a luxurious shower gel and lotion set, packaged in a fashionable rope tote that has a second life as a catch-all.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a glass terrarium full of succulents.

Glass Terrarium for Succulents

Even employees with a black thumb will enjoy this beautiful desktop terrarium. Easy to maintain, these succulents will bring a lush pop of nature to any office or cubicle.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a Juniper Bonsai tree in a box.

Juniper Bonsai Tree

Give the gift of calm and beauty with a juniper bonsai tree. This inspired work of art can provide years of enjoyment with proper care. Add a trickling illuminated waterfall to achieve a portable zen garden.

Surprise and delight with holiday gifts for employees

Opening a gift should be a moment of unexpected happiness. These gifts are fun, festive, and, above all, memorable.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a box of sweet and savory snacks with a tray of the same ingredients in front of the box.

Sweet and Salty Gift Boxes

An overflowing box of gourmet treats will put a smile on anyone’s face. This one is stuffed with some of the very best, such as Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, raspberry galettes, mixed nuts, and pepper and onion relish.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with an amaryllis plant in a holiday planter box with two ornaments next to it.

Red Lion Amaryllis

This beautiful red lion amaryllis brings festive flair to any space. Its joyously red blooms and delicate scent make the perfect holiday gift.

holiday gifts for employees cheryls happy holidays gift tower

Traditional Happy Holidays Gift Tower

Treat your employees with festive treats and baked favorites. With a variety of holiday cookies and bite-sized snacks, this beautifully wrapped gift tower will cause anyone’s eyes to widen when they see it.

Give gifts with personalized meaning

It’s indeed the thought that counts. These gifts share a personal message or meaning and amp up the sentimentality.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a box full of fruit, charcuterie, cheese, and other snacks with a plate of the same ingredients in front of the box.

Grand Signature Gift Basket

There’s no better way to share your feelings than with this gourmet gift basket. With so many tasty treats, including seasonal pears, two types of cheese, and mixed nuts, the recipient will have enough snacks to stash in their desk drawer to last them for weeks.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a jar full of notes.

31 Days of Kind Notes for Inspiration

Words matter. That’s why each jar is filled with a motivational message from notables like Abraham Lincoln (“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”) and Plato (“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”).

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a money tree in a green pot with three green ornaments in the background.

Money Tree for Extra Luck & Prosperity

Brighten up someone’s desk with a beautiful money tree. Not only do live plants boost happiness and air quality, according to feng shui enthusiasts, but the seven leaves also allegedly bring extra luck and attract the energies of wealth and prosperity. A great sign, perhaps, that they’ll also be getting that end-of-year bonus…

holiday gifts for employees mystical unicorn arrangement

Mystical Unicorn Arrangement

Got a one-of-a-kind employee? Give them a gift that is worthy of their unicorn abilities with a fruit bouquet featuring unicorn-shaped pineapple slices, dipped and decorated with purple and pink manes and yellow chocolaty horns.

A photo of holiday gifts for employees with a tin of popcorn decorated with the words "thank you."

Thanks a Bunch Popcorn Tin

There are many ways to say “thanks,” and this popcorn tin can do it better than a card. It comes in a variety of sizes and is great for showing your appreciation, with 32 cups of popcorn bliss.

If you’re looking to gift your employees this holiday season, contact a corporate sales rep today. Remember to order early.

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