Having been in the gifting business for 80 years now, we know the importance of making the holidays an extra special time of year. We do it with delicious gourmet food. But every family has their own unique way of sharing and celebrating the season. We asked a few of our employees about their favorite Christmas traditions and here are some of the highlights.

Patty, Production Coordinator

When my kids were pre-teens, they liked to receive money to spend after Christmas. So to make it fun, my husband and I would break their monetary gift into $1 bills, hide them throughout the house and leave a riddle with each dollar to help locate the next. With each find, the excitement, smiles and laughter increased along with the difficulty of each riddle.

Dave, Sr. Interface Designer

Picking out our Christmas tree each year is definitely one of my favorite traditions. Every year we take the whole family to the U-cut tree lot. We walk around for at least an hour looking at all the Douglas firs. And every year, we end up back at the front choosing a pre-cut Noble fir. The kids love it.

Greta, Creative Services Manager

My favorite tradition growing up was the almond in the Christmas porridge. You put one almond in the pot of porridge and whoever ends up with it in their bowl gets a present. Looking back now, it seems so silly. But as a kid it was the best.

Scott, Marketing Program Specialist for Retail Stores

Growing up, we always woke up to find our stockings at the foot of our bed. That was Santa’s way of keeping us busy and in bed for an extra 30-45 minutes so my parents could sleep in a little longer. I was always the first one up, usually around 5AM. I’m still that way as an adult, first one up on Christmas morning. But my daughter (this will be her second Christmas) will still grow up with the same stocking tradition. Only it won’t be so I can sleep in, but to make sure she gets the full Christmas experience from the moment she wakes.

Frances, Print Coordinator

My kids would always beg to open a gift before Christmas. And I would finally give in on Christmas Eve. But I got to pick which one they opened and I always picked their new Christmas PJ’s. They got their early present and I got great Christmas morning pictures with the kids in their new jammies. They never caught on to that little trick. Now the holidays are more about the grandkids. I get each one a special ornament that reminds them of a major accomplishment from the year. Like sixth grade student body president or MVP goalie. I hope they treasure them forever.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Comment below and let us know! Oh, and merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Harry & David!


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