Mothers-in-law can get a bad rap, but they are a unique part of the family unit. (Let’s not forget they also wield the power of possessing all your spouse’s school photos.) Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day or her birthday, or thanking her for taking care of the kids for a weekend so you and your spouse can have some much-needed alone time, a gift that speaks to her tastes can go a long way. The best mother-in-law gifts are the ones that show you’re thinking about her and appreciate her for who she is.

Here are eight of our favorite mother-in-law gifts.

Mother-in-law gifts with a box of pears, Moose Munch, cheese, meat, and other snacks.

Harry’s Gift Box

If you want to give your mother-in-law a variety of treats or you’re not overly familiar with her preferences (or trying to get back on her good side), you can’t go wrong with this gift box. It comes with three-seed crackers, sharp white cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked summer sausage, mixed nuts, Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, and seasonal pears. Set it all out and pour a glass of her favorite wine, and you can try everything while you hear stories about your spouse’s embarrassing teenaged antics.

mother in law gifts wine and flowers

Flowers & Wine

This is an elegant and surprising gift for the mother-in-law who loves all things flowery and winey (not whiney). Choose from an array of colorful bouquets, which all come with a bottle wine of your choosing: pinot gris, rosé, sparkling rosé, or the Harry & David Royal Crest blend. A gift of this magnitude will surely rank as the most special she’s been gifted.

mother in law gifts gourmet chocolate gift

Caramel Belgian Chocolate
Gift Basket with Fruit

All the contents within this wooden tray is so thoughtful (just like your MIL), and everything inside is curated and sure to please. It’s a great gift for the other mom in your life, and comes with more than two pounds of chocolates, including chocolate-dipped caramel apples, caramel sandwich cookies, and dark chocolate caramel truffles. Come to think of it, this gift is great for anyone who loves caramel! Guess we know how it got its name…

Mother-in-law gifts with a wooden cutting board full of cheese and charcuterie.

Charcuterie and Cheese Assortment

There are so many occasions that call for meat and cheese: From book clubs to celebrations, or even just a random Saturday that you want to make a bit more special, there’s always a space on the table for charcuterie. If your mother-in-law loves good cheese as much as she loves entertaining, this is a fantastic assortment for her next get-together. There’s three flavored salumi — one with truffle, one with fennel, and an applewood-smoked option — as well as three types of cheeses from artisanal creameries, including a peppercorn cheddar and an apple walnut smoked cheese.

mother in law gifts picnic basket gift

Picnic Basket

If your mother-in-law likes being outdoors, or you want to send her away for a few hours, then a picnic basket is the right choice. The woven chipwood basket is filled with only the finest assortment of gourmet foods that are best enjoyed outside on a blanket. And if she needs help planning the picnic, we have her covered. Even at the beach.

mother in law gifts violet orchid

Violet Opulence Orchid

This gorgeous and premium Phalaenopsis orchid will can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years (!) and is easy to care for (and you really can’t beat that!). The bright violet plant comes in a textured ceramic silver planter, and is a beautiful piece of home decor (hopefully not put directly in front of your photo). Available in both large and small sizes, these gorgeous and vibrant flowers are a show-stopping surprise for any occasion.

mother in law gifts beekman spa set with wine

Beekman 1802 Spa Set with Wine

This special gift set will add some little luxuries to your mother-in-law’s everyday beauty routine. Beekman 1802™ is a doctor-founded brand that focuses on high-quality goat milk, which is fantastic for sensitive skin. The honeyed grapefruit scent is bright, citrusy, and slightly sweet, and she’ll also get hand wash, soap, body cream, face wipes, and lip balm in this curated box. Also to help her relax? Two bottles of red wine!

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