We all have that friend who’s a little too obsessed with food. You love them for all the amazing meals they share with you — from photo-perfect charcuterie boards to the most gorgeous cakes — even if only on social media (insert sad emoji face). So when it comes to finding the perfect holiday gift for them, the only question you might ask yourself is: Should I go with a bottle of wine or a really nice chunk of Brie? But we ask: Why stop there?

Here are nine of our favorite Christmas gift basket ideas that any food-loving friend or family member will salivate over.

A photo of gift baskets with a box full of cheese, jars of olives and spreads, and crackers with a cutting board in front full of cheese and crackers.

Deluxe Antipasto Assortment

We found the perfect gift to help your holiday hostess turn any party from casual to elegantly delicious — especially when it’s paired with your favorite wine. The Deluxe Antipasto Assortment is full of tasty finger foods, including two kinds of cheese and salami, olive oil and sea salt water crackers, and a fire roasted bruschetta spread that’ll have your guests keep coming back for more.

gift baskets colossal christmas basket

Colossal Christmas Basket

In terms of size, nothing’s bigger than colossal. Sure, there’s giant and humongous, even ginormous, but colossal tops them all. This very appropriately named gift basket is practically falling over from the 28 different treats it contains. The Colossal Christmas Basket has it all: pears, salami, summer sausage, cheddar, Gouda and jack cheeses, two kinds of Moose Munch popcorn, crackers, biscuits, mixed nuts, hot cocoa mixes, hot teas, salty treats, eight different chocolates (including truffles!), plus a “book” that opens up to a world filled with seven different types of baked goods.

A photo of gift baskets with a wooden box filled with dried pasta, jars of tomato sauce and other antipasto bites with two bottles of wine next to it and plates full of food in front

Italian Inspirations Gift Basket

For some serious post-Christmas abbondanza, this charming wooden Italian Inspirations Gift Basket is replete with everything they need to prepare a gourmet — not to mention filling — meal at home. Create a delicious Italian feast with garlic angel hair pasta, marinated mushrooms, Busseto Milano Italia dry salami, and much more. Whether paired with a bottle of wine, say the accompanying pinot gris or merlot, or that strange beer your cousin gave you, this gift basket is the perfect blend of practical and delicious.

gift baskets geoffrey zakarian holiday charcuterie cheese collection

Geoffrey Zakarian Holiday Charcuterie and Cheese Collection

Our brand ambassador, who starts off every holiday party he hosts with a charcuterie board, assembled this one himself. Each product has his seal of approval. OK, it’s a sticker, but it still counts. Chef Zakarian’s collection includes two meats and two cheeses, a bevy of salty snacks, from pretzels to almonds, and a balsamic glaze that he recommends you put on everything. And he does mean everything.

A photo of gift baskets with a box of pears and cheese next to an open bottle of wine and full glass with a plate of sliced pears and cheese in front

Rogue Valley Gift Box With Wine

Southern Oregon is a food and wine mecca, and you don’t have to live there to enjoy the fruits of its labor — real fruit, too! The Rogue Valley Gift Box is stuffed with many of the region’s highest-quality and locally produced products, from Royal Verano Pears to four varieties of cheeses from award-winning Rogue Creamery, including Crater Lake and Oregonzola blues, and a bottle of Harry & David 2020 Pinot Gris. The recipient of this gift may just pack their bags and relocate to the Beaver State.

gift baskets ultimate hearthside gift basket

Ultimate Hearthside Gift Basket

OK, maybe we were wrong about “colossal” because when a gift basket calls itself “ultimate,” then, well, we may need to rethink our rankings. The Ultimate Hearthside Gift Basket comes packed with Royal Riviera® Pears, gourmet snacks, and a variety of sweets from the Harry & David bakery, including baklava and a decadent chocolate cake. Let’s not forget about the four cheeses, two different cookies, and the pound of chocolate truffles. If you think the recipient can’t handle a gift of this magnitude, try any of the other hearthside baskets on for size: DeluxeGrand, Supreme, or Classic.

gift baskets holiday beverage collection

Holiday Beverage Collection

Foodies like to drink, too, you know. And whether it’s coffee, tea (there are six different flavors), hot cocoa, or even a sparkling cider, this gift will quench your thirst throughout the entire day. The aforementioned cider is a bottle of Rième spiced French apple. It’s the perfect drink for sipping and toasting the evening while sitting down by the fire with that special someone.

A photo of gift baskets with a display of bagels and lox on a marble cutting board with cream cheese

Original Bagels, Lox, and Cream Cheese

You’re probably asking yourself: Why are they trying to get me to buy my friends breakfast as a gift? The answer: It’s bagels, lox, and cream cheese, one of the most classic breakfasts of all time! (Sorry, pancakes.) And the bagels come from New York City’s famed Davidovich Bakery. Just keep saying these four words over and over: bagels, lox, cream cheese. Whoever you send this to will be saying “thank you” over and over…and over.

gift baskets sweet savory holiday gift box wine

Sweet & Savory Holiday Gift Box

A wine and food pairing paradise! Take a bottle of red, a bottle of white, and, depending on your appetite, enjoy each one with summer sausage, cheese, the legendary Pepper and Onion Relish, dried fruit, mixed nuts, two types of truffles, and sea salt caramels. After indulging in all this gift has to offer, you’ll be too full to meet anyone at an Italian restaurant…

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