Most people know at least one person with a birthday in December. And most of us are probably guilty of paying a little less attention to our December friends’ big days than we do to birthdays that fall in other months of the year. It’s understandable that, with all the excitement and focus on the holidays, December birthdays are treated a bit differently than the rest. We asked a few December-born Harry & David employees how they feel about their birth month and here’s what they had to say.

Melody, Proofreader

“Best thing about having a birthday in December? My birthday usually fell during winter break, so I was able to spend it at home with my family. Worst thing? The ‘birthmas’ gifts I get from all my friends. Total gyp. But I think adding birthday power to holiday power makes the month’s festivities extra special! My family always decorated the Christmas tree on my birthday, which made me feel more special, not less.”

John, Art Director

“As a kid, the main advantage of a December birthday was the possibility of the ‘Mega Gift’ where people would give you a gift to cover both your birthday and Christmas. The worst would be having your birthday fall in the middle of the week. That means you have to wait until the weekend to use some gifts, like sleds and skates. Longest week of my life.”

Jace, Production Artist

“I always enjoyed having my birthday right after Christmas because so often I would receive a big gift for Christmas that required other accessories. One year, I got a video game console and for my birthday a few days later, I got to pick out new games to go with it. The bummer part of December birthdays is that some years no one is free to celebrate with you. Everyone is visiting family or has holiday plans. And you never have your birthday acknowledged in school since it’s always during winter break.”

Libby, Copywriter

“The worst thing is getting ‘merry birthday’ gifts all decked out in Christmas wrapping paper. As if Christmas has anything to do with my birthday. The best thing is that it’s a month filled with holiday glitter, lights, specials on TV, SNOW, celebration, gatherings and overall festive cheer. Friends and family from far-away places return home and, voila, just in time to celebrate your birthday. That’s a bonus.”

Making your December friends’ birthdays stand out against the rest of the holiday season is important. Even if it just means sending a card that isn’t holiday related. In our collection of gourmet gifts, we’ve got a few that will make celebrating December birthdays a little easier. Try sending one of our birthday cakes, delivered fresh and made right here in our bakery. We’ve got chocolate and white cake. They’re both moist and fluffy with rich, creamy frosting. Or get a little fancy and send some of our decadent petits fours. Your birthday buddy will appreciate the gesture so much. Especially if it doesn’t come hand in hand with a “Merry Christmas.”


At Harry & David, we deliver expertly crafted delight.

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    Katie Crile Reply

    I remember how my brothers and sisters would get upset. As if my birthday was an inconvience and I got more gifts than they. Sometimes a December bd is not much fun. But I don’t worry anymore. Take care.

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