Ahh, the holidays. Everyone’s favorite time of year to buy presents for friends and family, coworkers, perhaps even your mail carrier, dog walker, babysitter. Nobody likes to look like they’re just “mailing it in” with their seasonal gift giving, Whether they’re unwrapping gifts around the tree on a frosty winter morning while sipping peppermint hot cocoa or eating latkes and spinning dreidels with their loved ones, we can help you ensure your gifts will warm the heart — and stomachs — of your loved ones this holiday season with this gift guide.

The editors at Harry & David are here to help you make everyone on your list very happy and avoid any gifting pitfalls. (Socks? Really?) This delectable array of delicious ecstasies will surprise and delight even the most discerning and sophisticated palates all year long. They may actually knock their socks off come Christmas morning!

Bonus: You can buy these gifts without dealing with the dreaded trip to the mall.

Christmas gift guide with a box of pears, cheese, crackers, and other snacks with two bottles of pear cider.

The easy choice: Hard cider

Nothing will soften up the sternest relatives like Royal Rivera Pear Cider. The product of a happy marriage of pears grown in the perfect conditions of Southern Oregon, this magic elixir delivers the sweetest and juiciest combination of flavors in a delicious hard cider that will be an easy hit with the luckiest gift recipients. Wrapped in the cornucopia of appetizing happiness that is the Grand Harry & David Gift Basket, packed with delicious fruit, meats, nuts, and cheeses. You can be sure your delicious gift will disappear before New Year’s!

Christmas gift guide with a tin of peppermint bark.

Peppermint twists

If you want your gift to symbolize the season, then nothing says holidays — outside the word “holiday” — like peppermint. (If you never thought it through, that crazy Christmas candy cane is even shaped like a shepherd’s staff, to suggest those three manger-crashing shepherds everybody keeps singing about.) Harry & David has cornered the peppermint market with an array of seasonally flavored delights, including the Peppermint Bark Tin, the Peppermint Bark Christmas Cake, and an outrageously appetizing assortment of holiday delicacies stuffed into Santa’s Sack of Treats and freshly boosted from his sled!

Christmas gift guide with smoked salmon and other smoked fish on a wooden board.

Tsar Nicoulai Smokehouse Gift

Your friends and family will be Russian to lavish you with appreciation for these three delicious, sustainably raised, and hand-harvested smoked fish dining delights from the Tsar Nicoulai company. The cold-smoked salmon is house cured and pre-sliced, while the smoked sturgeon is tripled smoked for 8 to 10 hours in small batches and then seasoned with brown sugar, sea salt, and applewood. Finally, the award-winning sweet ‘n’ smoked sturgeon is garnished with a Cajun-inspired seasoning featuring pepper and brown sugar. Now that’s a Tsar-ist Revolution in gift giving!

christmas gift guide founders favorites

Holiday Founders Favorites Gift Box

Southern Oregon is a beautiful sight to behold, and the tastes it produces are just as awe-inspiring. The rich soil, perfect micro-climates, and long-growing seasons produce some of the finest fruits, dairy products, and wines in the world — and Harry & David conveniently delivers them to your front door (or anyone’s door) just in time for the holidays. The Holiday Founders’ Favorites Gift Box is packed with the tastiest season greetings in a treasure chest brimming with treats from the region and beyond.

Christmas gift guide wine pairing collection.

Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection

Man does not live by bread alone, which is why a package like the Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection makes life a lot more worth living. This box floweth over with a carefully selected pairing of three of Southern Oregon’s finest wines — Ross Lane Red blend, chardonnay, and pinot noir — with an assortment of the region’s tastiest ecstasies, including chocolate-covered almonds, three artisan cheeses, and savory salami. Also? There’s bread!

Christmas gift guide with a box of different types of chocolate treats.

Harry’s Best Chocolate Box

If there truly is a “death by chocolate,” then this is definitely the way you’re gonna wanna go. An array of popcorn, graham crackers, malt balls, mini mints, and delectable cherries and truffles will happily place the lucky recipient of this gift on the critical culinary care unit.

christmas gift guide fruit and cheese club

Take them clubbing

Make your friends and family feel red carpet ready by giving them a mouthwatering membership to any of Harry & David’s exclusive clubs designed for all types of palates. The Original Fruit of the Month Club collection includes a medley of gifts that keep on giving. Send a combination of unparalleled pairings served up in style with the Fresh Fruit and Cheese Club. And for those who enjoy an appetizing encore to any holiday meal, the signature Dessert of the Month club will be to their utmost satisfaction. Membership clearly has its privileges.

Christmas gift guide with a small wagon of sweet and savory treats.

Something sweet & savory

If you have friends and relatives with cravings at opposite ends of the food spectrum, a sweet and savory gift basket is the solution for any split-personality palate. The Holiday Sweet and Savory Wagon will transport any lucky recipient to delicious destinations with a luscious cargo, including dark chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered cherries, Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn, shortbread cookies, two types of cheese, three varieties of sausage, and tree-shaped crackers, all in a collectible wood wagon labeled Holiday Express. This is one ride bound for gourmet glory.

Christmas gift guide with a selection of steak cuts on a platter.

Kings & Queens Collection

Your holiday gift giving will reign supreme when you deliver The Kings and Queens Collection of quality beef. The regal combination of two USDA 10-ounce, center-cut New York strip steaks and two 6-ounce USDA choice filet mignons will serve up flavor that’s multiple cuts above. Each is hand trimmed, expertly aged, and enhanced by the signature peppercorn spice rub seasoning, making these steaks a dining experience fit for a monarch.

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