Harry & David has been in the business of giving since 1934, and few gifts are as popular as our gourmet gift baskets. Each gorgeous wooden basket is filled with an array of delectable gourmet foods and then wrapped with a beautiful hand-tied bow; they’re the perfect gifts to send for any number of occasions. And because of the plethora of food gifts within each gift basket, you’ll find enough inside for sharing. Whether you’re sending to a client’s office, to coworkers, or to friends and family, there’s plenty to go around.

Christmas gift baskets have long been a way to elegantly and thoughtfully express your holiday cheer, congratulate a loved one, or let someone know that they’re in your heart. Below are the top five gift baskets that our customers most often send for just those reasons. Note that juicy Royal Riviera® Pears, smooth white cheddar cheese, and our amazing pepper and onion relish are staples; they’re present in every basket.

Favorites Gift Basket
As the name suggests, the Christmas basket that takes the top spot among our most popular is full of favorites. From pears to milk chocolate Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn and our signature chocolate truffles, it’s the classic Harry & David® gift basket experience, with over four pounds of tasty treats.

Deluxe Favorites Gift Basket
The deluxe version of the Favorites Gift Basket is also quite popular. It adds our buttery raspberry galettes and exquisite milk chocolate mini mints to the mix, in addition to including more of what’s already in the original version. For example, there are more than three-and-a-half pounds of pears. Add wine to make it a complete gourmet wine basket.

Favorites Gift Basket | Harry & David Christmas Baskets

Deluxe Signature Gift Basket
The Deluxe Signature Gift Basket is also on the list, thanks to its savory nature. There are no sweets to be found here. Compared to the Favorites Gift Basket, this basket has more fruit and a selection of fine mixed nuts.

Signature Gift Basket | Chirstmas Baskets Delivered from Harry & David

Grand Signature Gift Basket
As with the Favorites Gift Basket, a larger version of the Signature Gift Basket is also popular with our customers. Still eschewing sweets in favor of more savory gourmet foods, this basket adds Gouda cheese, which goes wonderfully with the included dry salami, and honey wheat pretzels with a delectable honey mustard dip.

Christmas Gift Baskets | Harry & David

Hearthside Gift Basket
This gift basket is the first in the line of our largest baskets, and its popularity rises from the great variety of gourmet food within. Royal Riviera® Pears are once again the staple of the basket, but two flavors of Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn, two walnut chocolate chunk cookies, a chocolate decadence cake, and our heavenly baklava will satisfy any sweet tooth. In addition, white cheddar cheese, dry salami, olive oil and sea salt water crackers, and delightful snack mixes will satiate those who opt for more savory items. But that’s not all; even more awaits within this basket—over nine pounds of glorious goodies.

Wine Gift Baskets for Christmas | Hearthside Basket | Harry & David

And that rounds out our list of the top five gift baskets here at Harry & David.

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  3. Have a wonderful holiday!

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