Stocking stuffers are often the first thing your family opens on Christmas. They’re just hanging in that giant sock that hangs from the mantel, waiting to be attacked. (What do you do if you don’t have a mantel? Are you allowed to hang stockings from some other place? Who do we talk to about this?) Anywho, Christmas stockings should not only be hung from the mantel with care but also stuffed full with small gifts and gourmet treats that everyone can enjoy throughout the holidays.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas that your loved ones will delight in pulling out of their stockings come Christmas morning.

stocking stuffer ideas hot cocoa collection

Holiday Hot Chocolate Tin Collection

If your Yule log has entered the digital age, then you’ll need something to actually keep you warm while you sit around listening to the crackling sounds of fake flames. Nothing is cozier than a warm mug of hot cocoa on Christmas morning. (OK, maybe being wrapped in a Sherpa-lined blanket while sipping the cocoa.) This Holiday Hot Chocolate Tin Collection includes four festive tins, each filled with a different cocoa flavor (peppermint, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel), making it easy to split between stockings. Just add warm water — not to the stocking, of course — to these mugs. Or, for a creamier brew, use warm milk. Mustache not included.

stocking stuffer ideas holiday chocolate truffles

Chocolate Truffles

If you’re looking to sweeten up someone’s Christmas, look no further than this box of Limited Edition Holiday Truffles. Six different seasonal flavors, including gingerbread, candy cane, and crème brulée, all handcrafted in the Harry & David Candy Kitchen (their version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory) perfectly placed in one little box. The chocolate lovers in your life will be thanking you all day (while they wipe the creamy chocolate off their face).

stocking stuffer ideas candy

Candy Club

According to Candy Club’s website, nine in 10 Americans celebrate with giving or sharing candy during the major holidays. Last we checked, Christmas is right up there as one of the big ones. So, not to apply any peer pressure, but, come on. If the rest of the country is doing it, hop aboard the sweet train to Gummytown and buy someone a one-way ticket to the Candy Club.

stocking stuffer ideas moose munch stocking

Moose Munch Christmas Stocking

This gift will not fit inside a stocking, but that’s OK because it is a stocking — one that comes already filled with, as the name suggests, Moose Munch! Three flavored bags, two chocolate bars, and a partridge in a….nope…we mean cocoa-covered almonds.

malted milk balls

Simply Chocolate Holiday Malted Milk Balls Jar

Does anyone really know what malted milk balls are? There’s chocolate. There’s some kind of crunch inside. The flavor is a bit nutty. Let’s forget about those particulars and focus on the overall wonderfulness of these delightful gourmet malted milk balls, which come all snuggled inside a reusable quart jar. If you get these malted milk balls, go ahead and turn it into a challenge to see who can catch the most in their mouth! Guess what they win? Another malted milk ball!

stocking stuffer ideas maple syrup

Grade-A Pure Maple Syrup

You must be asking, who buys syrup for a Christmas gift? Well, have you ever met a syrup aficionado? They happen to know everything there is to know about maple syrup! They love maple syrup. They love maple syrup on pancakes. They love it on pizza. And some even take maple syrup and put a little bit in their hair when they’ve had a rough week. (It is the holidays after all.) What do you think holds it up, slick?

stocking stuffer ideas coffee assortment

Holiday Coffee Assortment

While the kids are sipping on the aforementioned hot cocoa, their parents will be enjoying the wake-up juice you so generously gifted them. (And they’ll need it after little Tiffany and Johnny woke up at 4:30 a.m. to start unwrapping their presents.) These exceptional coffees come in three holiday flavors: butterscotch caramel, toffee nut, and dark chocolate candy cane. After a few hours of the hurricane known as Christmas morning comes blowing through, those adults might want to consider making this cup of java a more potent one.

A photo of stocking stuffer ideas with a pear ornament hanging on a tree.

Keepsake Pear Ornament

No need to worry about this piece of fruit over-ripening. This gorgeous collectible Keepsake Pear Ornament is inspired by the famous Royal Riviera® Pear and made of hollowed-out ceramic in a festive white and red pattern — one that you’ll have hanging from your tree year after year.

Stocking stuffer ideas with a tin of peppermint bark

Peppermint Bark Tin

Peppermint bark is one of the most delicious holiday treats — it’s amazing right out of the tin, all on its own. But do you have any idea how versatile it is? You can use peppermint bark in brownieshot cocoa, and even in a no-bake cheesecake. It’s like getting four gifts in one! If you really don’t want to bake a peppermint bark cheesecake, just order one!

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