1. Meat & Cheese Gift Baskets

Charcuterie Board Gifts

Treat football fans to savory meat and cheese gift baskets or upgrade your game time spread with hearty charcuterie boards.

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Meat & Cheese Gift Baskets Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send someone a charcuterie board?

Send your loved ones a charcuterie board this year for a mouthwatering gifting experience. Select a premade charcuterie board or charcuterie gift basket, your preferred delivery date, and ship your gifts nationwide. Happy snacking!

How do I ship a charcuterie board for delivery?

With nationwide shipping, you can ship a charcuterie board to friends and family across the United States. Simply pick the charcuterie board you wish to send, select your preferred delivery date, enter the recipient’s address and make your payment. Shipping a charcuterie board has never been easier!

What to gift someone who loves charcuterie boards?

Does your friend or loved one love charcuterie boards? So do we! Choose from our diverse selection of gourmet charcuterie gift baskets for the perfect match and your recipient will be thanking you through each mouthful. Charcuterie boards and artisan cheeses are a great gift for any hostess or cheese lover.

What are the most popular items on a charcuterie board?

It’s hard to pick which items are the most popular on a charcuterie board since each board is unique, and that’s what makes it special. However, thuringer sausage, a classic German style sausage, is a favorite on our charcuterie boards and pairs perfectly with our collection of artisan cheeses and appetizer spreads.

What drink goes well with charcuterie board?

Wine is the perfect beverage to enjoy while you snack on a charcuterie board or appetizer spread. Pair wine easily with artisan cheeses and gourmet cured meats for the perfect snacking experience. Harry & David’s wine selection works well with any charcuterie board, whether it’s vegan, vegetarian or full charcuterie. Raise a glass to fine snacking!

What goes on a cheese charcuterie board?

The typical items on a charcuterie board are:

  • Cured Meats
  • Assorted Cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Nuts
  • Olives
  • Jam/preserves
  • Fruits/dried fruits

Send the Best Meat and Cheese Gift Baskets

Sometimes you just need to eat sausage and cheese on crackers for dinner. We get it. It's just that good. We've got plenty of cheese and sausage gifts, as well as delicious add-ons for your cheese and crackers meal. Our honey hot mustard adds a tangy twist. Cheese and crackers topped with our famous pepper and onion relish gives you the ultimate savory snack. Try it and see for yourself why this relish is famous.

Sometimes the best charcuterie and cheese gift basket really means the best sausage and cheese gift basket. Our sausage charcuterie is perfectly paired with the best cheeses and your choice of wine. The best sausage and cheese gift baskets include:

  • Thuringer: A traditional German style sausage that’s perfect for any charcuterie spread or easy snacking.
  • Soppressata: This perfectly cured meat is a classic Italian delicacy that brings the flavor of the Italian countryside straight to your plate.
  • Tartufo: Truffle lovers will rejoice when this delectable meat comes out to play. Seasoned with black truffle for an extra punch of flavor, tartufo is a great addition to your appetizer spread.

With names like that you know we're talking some seriously gourmet sausage and cheese gifts. Rich, creamy chocolate truffles and raspberry galette cookies add a sweet finish to a sausage and cheese gift basket. Need something to pair with our meat and cheese assortments? Try our wine gift baskets!

Cheese Gifts for All Occasions

Our cheese gifts go beyond expectations! Artisanal cheeses aren’t the only gifts in town. There are many types of cheese gifts including:

  • Fruit toppers like peach pepper and strawberry fig
  • Savory cream cheese
  • Artisanal cheese gifts
  • Cheese fondue sets
  • Northwest cheese gifts

Gifting cheese is more than just the right kind of cheese, it’s the gourmet gift basket with delicious fruits, spreads, a dome to keep it fresher longer, and even a bottle of wine to wash it down. We even offer specialty cheese gifts for Christmas!

Popular Charcuterie Gift Baskets

  • Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Box: The perfect gift for any charcuterie board lover, this basket comes with several cured meats, gourmet cheese, and our classic pepper and onion relish.
  • Organic Cheese and Appetizer Collection: For the cheese lover that wants to indulge every day of the year, this cheese collection boasts four different types of cheese paired with organic olive bruschetta spread, pepper and onion relish, and flatbread crackers.
  • Meat, Cheese, and Wine Gift Box: Gift this outstanding collection of cheese, meat, relish and more, all paired with two bottles of Harry & David wine to that special someone that loves to play sommelier.
  • Deluxe Charcuterie and Cheese Assortment: Share the gift of charcuterie with this assortment of gourmet meats and cheeses that will take your loved ones snacking to a new level of deliciousness.
  • Gourmet Charcut