1. Epicurean Antipasto Collection
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  • Olli Salumeria® Sopressata salami (4 oz)
  • Olli Salumeria® Toscano salami (6 oz)
  • Creminelli Fine Meats™ Tartufo salami (5.5 oz)
  • Fiscalini Farms Old World Aged Cheddar cheese (5 oz)
  • Sartori® Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago cheese (5.3 oz)
  • Wood River Creamery Black Truffle cheese (8 oz)
  • Roasted tomatoes (10 oz)
  • Marinated artichoke quarters (9.2 oz)
  • Fig and olive tapenade (9 oz)
  • Artichoke parmesan tapenade (9 oz)
  • Seville orange and fennel marmalade (11.5 oz)
  • Traditional mini toast, 2 boxes (2.8 oz each)
  • Net Weight: 5 lb 7 oz

We've assembled the perfect antipasto collection for your next get-together. There are three salami varieties starting with Olli Salumeria® Sopressata that's made with black peppercorn and garlic. Earthy black truffles and organic spices infuse the Creminelli Fine Meats™ Tartufo salami and the Olli Salumeria® Toscano has an aromatic licorice-like intensity. The meats are matched with three distinct cheeses, like Fiscalini Farms Old World Aged Cheddar, their most popular and highly awarded cheese which is nutty, slightly smoky, with a more round finish than most aged cheddars. Sartori® Rosemay & Olive Oil Asiago boasts a savory profile and features a perfect balance of hand-rubbed rosemary and Italian olive oil. Finally, we have Wood River Creamery Black Truffle cheese, our unique cheddar gruyere accented with real Italian black truffles. To round out the flavor profiles we've included garlic and herb-roasted tomatoes and marinated artichoke hearts. Fig & Olive tapenade along with artichoke parmesan tapenade are flavorful additions to this antipasto board, plus a Seville orange & fennel marmalade to add fruity brightness to each bite. The traditional mini toasts provide a clean, natural canvas to show off all of the toppings.