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  1. Charcuterie Assortment
Charcuterie Assortment
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  • Olli Salumeria® salami:
  • Tartufo (5 oz)
  • Toscano (6 oz)
  • Napoli (6 oz)
  • Sopressata (6 oz)
  • Net Weight: 1 lb 7 oz


Ideal for the gourmet who loves meat, our Charcuterie Assortment features premium salami made by Olli, a well-respected salumeria with deep Italian roots. Enjoy four robust flavors: Napoli applewood smoked, Tartufo truffle, Sopressata peppercorn and garlic, and Toscano fennel. Each is slow-cured and made with sustainably farmed, vegetarian pigs.