Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Apple Pie
Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Cherry Pie
Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Pecan Pie
Sweet Lady Jane Deep Dish Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Sweet Lady Jane Pies

They call her “Sweet Lady Jane” for a reason – nobody makes better pies. Handcrafted in one of the most beloved bakeries in Los Angeles, each pie is made to order using only the finest ingredients for a wholesome, homemade finish. These deep-dish confections are ripe with flavor, perfect for any season and sure to satisfy any pie craving. These delectable desserts are a flavorful finish to any gourmet meal. Host your next event or family gathering, and finish on a high note with a serving of sweet, baked-to-perfection apple pie, pecan pie, or even blueberry pie. Sweet Lady Jane will have your guests asking, “what’s for dessert?” every time they come back. So go ahead, pick your pie, and serve Sweet Lady Jane at your next dinner, event, or family gathering for a final “wow-factor” to complete the occasion.