Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is an under-appreciated—yet extremely tasty—treat. Drying preserves the sweet and delicate flavors of fruit while enhancing its convenience. At Harry & David, we take many of the exquisite fruits we offer and dry them, creating some of the best dried fruit on the market. This includes our famous pears, peaches, apples, and cherries, in addition to multiple varieties of apricots and plums, sweet prunes, and dates. Our dried fruit platters are all presented in artful arrangements and are available in a wide array of combinations, from exotic pairings to a mix of classic favorites.

Sending high-quality dried fruit in an elegant presentation is an easy way to set your gift apart. When you give unexpected dried fruit gifts, like any of these from the Harry & David gourmet shop, it is a meaningful and memorable gesture. And a dried fruit tray makes the perfect gift for friends and family who like to eat healthy. It’s also a great snack to have around the house.

We also offer additional products with dried fruit. Gift baskets, including some of our bestsellers, often come with our chocolate-enrobed dried cherries, a favorite among our customers for the rich cherry flavor and decadent chocolate coating.

Create a wholesome spread for any get-together or to elevate any occasion. Your guests will appreciate the beautiful display of dried fruit, baskets and all.