Summer Picnic Basket Gift Tin
Gourmet Picnic Basket with Personalized Blanket
Sweet and Savory Brunch Tray Gift

Seasonal Gift Baskets

We have a gift basket that’s right for any time of year. Count on us for marvelous seasonal gift baskets. Delivery is one of the things we pride ourselves on. We offer delivery on time and in perfect condition, without fail. In fact, at Harry & David, we strive for perfection every step of the way. Many of our gift baskets are crafted right here in Southern Oregon.

We grow most of our fruit in our own orchards and pick it by hand, so our fruit baskets are as stunning as they are delicious. And our chocolatiers come up with some of our most indulgent sweets right here in our own candy kitchens. A chocolate gift basket, that is to say, a gift basket brimming with chocolate delights from Harry & David, makes a memorable gift for those with a sweet tooth.

Our bakers use our own tried-and-true recipes, calling for only the finest ingredients to bake up many of the decadent goodies included in our gourmet gift baskets. Throughout the year, many occasions call for food gift baskets. Whether you are congratulating a friend on an accomplishment, celebrating a loved one’s birthday, or commemorating an important turning point, fruit gift baskets are always appropriate.

Our founders started out delivering mail order holiday gift baskets, and we’re still at it today—delivering delight along the way.