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Feature Fruit: Strawberries

Just imagine biting into one of these sweet and juicy strawberries on a warm day. There’s simply nothing else like it! Our strawberries smell and taste amazing because they’re ripened on the plant in the field. This gives them a richer taste than those found in a regular grocery store. Our berries are also hand-picked and extra-large—it easily takes three or four bites to finally reach the stem. Slice them up for a snack, toss them in a salad, or use them to dress up your desserts.


With weather heating up, our orchards are full of life and the promise of sweet days ahead. Fruits are already setting on the pear and peach trees—so our orchard teams are busy as can be. They’re tasked with thinning out the setting fruits, which allows the trees to focus on the fruit that remains and grow bigger, juicier fruits to be enjoyed after harvest. And while Southern Oregon is generally warm this time of year, the frost teams remain on high alert as spring weather can be so variable.



Spring brings three tasty pear varieties to get excited about. This month’s shipment includes either Comice pears grown in Chile, Bartlett pears grown in Argentina, or Packham pears grown in New Zealand.


Throughout May, we’re delivering bright citrus sunshine with Gold Nugget mandarins and Navel oranges grown in California.


A beloved snack by many, our crisp and juicy apples are always a fruit bowl favorite. This month, our apple gifts, boxes, and baskets include either Jazz or Pizazz apples grown in New Zealand, Chile, and Argentina.

Specialty Vegetables

Our featured vegetable this month is Shiitake mushrooms. These delightful mushrooms are grown in California and add an earthy, savory flavor to your meals. In addition to our featured vegetable, we’re shipping avocados grown in Mexico, white asparagus from Peru, and green tomatoes grown in California.

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