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Royal Riviera® Pears

We love this time of the year—Royal Riviera® Pears are here! An extraordinary amount of care and dedication goes into growing our premium pears, from tending the orchards year-round to pruning the trees at just the right time to picking and packing each precious pear by hand. All the hard work is worth it though, because we believe they’re simply the best pears around, and once you take that first sweet, juicy bite, we think you will, too.


It’s an exciting time in the orchards. With a warm March, our peach trees have all bloomed and the pear trees will bloom throughout April. The bees from our many hives are busy pollinating, and now we will wait for fruit set. Our orchard “frost team” is on high alert to mitigate damage from any late cold spells.



We are shipping Royal Riviera® Pears grown in our Southern Oregon orchards and d’Anjou pears grown in Washington. Shipments of Royal Verano® Pears will be packed with Comice grown in Chile, Comice being one of three varieties of this wonderful pear.

Specialty Fruit

Our featured fruit this month is pineapple.


Our apple varieties this month are Envy, Cosmic Crisp, and Ambrosia grown in Washington and Michigan.


During April and May, we will be shipping navel oranges grown in Florida and California and Gold Nugget mandarin oranges grown in California.

Specialty Vegetables

Our featured vegetable this month is a mix of spring greens grown by The Chef’s Garden. We are proud to team up with The Chef’s Garden for a selection of sustainably grown, restaurant-quality gourmet vegetables, including petite greens with edible flowers and Jerusalem artichokes. We will also ship avocados grown in Mexico and green tomatoes grown in California.

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