Royal Riviera Pears


The fall Royal Riviera® Pear harvest is the highlight of each year here at Harry & David, and our pear trees bloomed about nine weeks early this spring. We also had the warmest June on record and a warmer-than-normal July, contributing to a large, early crop of exceptional pears. After being handpicked in our Southern Oregon orchards, Royal Riviera® Pears are handled with great care every step along the way, ensuring that they arrive at the peak of ripeness and flavor. Our incredible pears are the culmination of all of our efforts, and we’re thrilled to announce that Royal Riviera® Pears are now shipping.

Harvest Information

Red Royal Riviera® Pears will begin shipping in mid-October.

Fuyu persimmons will begin shipping in mid-October.

HONEY TANGERINES Honey tangerines will begin shipping in mid-October.