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Cherries are coming into season, and our Plump-Sweet Cherries are incredibly sweet, juicy, and have a delightfully crisp bite. They are handpicked at peak ripeness in the Pacific Northwest and packaged with extra care to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. There are two main types of cherries produced in the United States: sweet and tart or “sour” cherries, according to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. Most sweet cherries such as the heart-shaped Bing, the large, bright-red Lambert, and the gold-toned Rainier are grown in California, Washington, and Oregon. Tart cherries are mostly grown in Michigan and Wisconsin. Find this fun fact and more in our article.


We have now moved past bloom, and all early indications are that local bees did a good job of pollinating. Our orchardists are thinning the peach trees to encourage larger fruit at harvest. They’ve also been busy with our irrigation system and fertilizing, ensuring that the trees get just the right amount of water and nutrients.


Stone Fruits

For Memorial Day and Father’s Day we will ship Bing cherries grown in California. Later in the month we will be shipping Bing cherries grown in Washington and DulceVida nectarines grown in California. We will also ship mangoes grown in Mexico. June is National Mango Month, according to our blog, so it’s a perfect time to enjoy them in drinks, in recipes, and as a snack. Due to a cold spring, the Rainier cherries, plums, and apricots we planned to ship in June will be delayed until July.


We are currently shipping Comice pears grown in Chile, Taylor’s gold pears grown in New Zealand, and Bartlett pears grown in Chile and Argentina.


We are currently shipping Smitten apples grown in New Zealand and Cosmic Crisp apples grown in Washington.

Specialty Vegetables

Our featured vegetable for June is asparagus grown by The Chef’s Garden. We are proud to partner with The Chef’s Garden and offer a selection of sustainably grown, restaurant-quality gourmet vegetables, including petite greens with edible flowers and boxes of restaurant-quality mixed vegetables. We will also ship white asparagus grown in Peru, avocados grown in Mexico, and shiitake mushrooms grown in California.

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