Cherry-Oh! Cherries


Grown on the slopes of Mount Hood in Oregon and on the hills overlooking Lake Chelan and Lake Wenatchee in Washington, our Cherry-Oh!® Cherries are plump, crisp, and bursting with flavor. Cultivated at a high elevation with rich volcanic soil, a snow-fed irrigation supply, and perfect weather conditions, these cherries have a slightly crisp skin on the outside and are incredibly sweet and juicy on the inside.

Rainer cherries were named after Mount Rainer, the highest peak in Washington, and they are grown nearby. Large and golden, these cherries have a red blush and sweet, delicate yellow flesh. Their high sugar content makes them one of all the sweetest cherry varieties, as well as one of the sweetest stone fruits.

Both Cherry-Oh!® Cherries and Rainer Cherries are now shipping.

Harvest Information

Royal Verano Pears from New Zealand are now shipping.

Cherry-Oh!® Cherries and Rainier cherries from Washington are now shipping.

Fuji Apples from New Zealand are now shipping.

Blueberries are now shipping directly from Norris Farms in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley.

Peaches from California are now shipping. The current Rogue Valley weather is ideal for our Southern Oregon Oregold® Peaches and we expect to begin harvesting them the second week in July.