1. Harvest Report

Feature Fruit: Royal Riviera® Pears

Our famously sweet and delicious Royal Riviera® Pears are finally ready—but place orders early! Quantities are especially limited this year. We’re so excited to share this incredible crop with you, and there’s no better way to welcome the fall season than with a big, juicy bite of a Royal Riviera® Pear. Enjoy them all on their own, add them to a cheese and charcuterie spread, or bake them into a beautiful and tasty pie.


Our pear and peach trees have gone dormant for the season. However, there is still much work to be done by our dedicated orchard teams. The crews are hard at work pruning trees to guarantee top-tier fruit for us all next year.



In addition to Royal Riviera® Pears from our orchards, our pear baskets, boxes, and gifts are shipping with D’Anjou pears grown in Washington and Bosc pears from the Rogue Valley. There are plenty of delicious varieties to satisfy your cravings for this fall favorite!


Citrus season has finally arrived to brighten up cold months! A limited number of Sugar Belles from Florida will be available for only one week in December—with exact timing determined by Mother Nature. Throughout December, we’ll be offering tasty Navel oranges, Cara Cara oranges, and SolZest® mandarin oranges from California and Florida. You can also look forward to tangy red grapefruits from California, Texas, and Florida. While many of these citrus fruits will ship long past the holidays, Sugar Belles are only harvested in December—so don’t hesitate to order! We ship them direct from the grower when they’re ready for harvest, but they’ll only be available for one week.


November is a bountiful month for crisp and juicy apples. Treat yourself to our featured apple of the month—Smitten™ apples grown in Washington. Along with this tasty favorite, our apple gifts and boxes also include Pink Lady, Jazz, Honeycrisp, Cosmic Crisp®, and Braeburn apples from Washington. From New York, we’ll be shipping Empire apples that are the perfect balance of sweet and tart.


Just in time for Christmas, our fruit gifts and boxes will ship with plump red cherries grown in Chile. We’ll also be shipping colorful and flavorful R2E2 mangoes that are grown in Australia.


The season for hearty cooking is here, and with it comes the opportunity to prepare more healthy vegetables. For the month of December, our featured vegetable will be baby candy cane beets. When sliced, the distinctive red and white rings are great for festive recipes. Additionally, we’re shipping avocados grown in Mexico and California-grown green tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms.

  1. Harvest Report

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