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Feature Fruit: Cherries

You know summer is right around the corner when it’s time to enjoy sweet and juicy cherries. Whether you’re a fan of ruby-red Plump-Sweet Cherries or delicate and golden Rainer cherries, they’re always a refreshing warm-weather treat. These premium cherries taste so wonderful because they’re handpicked at their peak of perfection. They’re known for their slightly crisp skin and crunchy pops of flavor with every bite. Each box is packed with care so they arrive at your door fresh and ready for snacking.


This time of year, our orchardists are keeping an eye on the temperature. Cooler than average days are ideal for the pear trees, and warmer than average days have the opposite effect. With that in mind, the orchardists are walking the orchards daily to check on the fruit’s progress. We’re also getting excited because Oregold® Peach season is just around the corner. The exact peach harvest date is difficult to predict, but late in the month the fruit should be just right and we’ll start picking our peaches. Royal Riviera® Pear harvest will be just three or four weeks behind that!


Stone Fruit

From late June to mid-July, we will ship Rainier cherries grown in Washington. Our Signature Fruit-of-the-Month Clubs feature cherries from Washington and Oregon. We will also ship plums and nectarines grown in California. Late in the month, we will ship peaches grown in our Southern Oregon orchards.


Summer brings three tasty pear varieties to get excited about. This month’s shipments include Taylor’s Gold, Angélys, or Bartlett pears grown in New Zealand.


A beloved snack by many, our crisp and juicy apples are always a fruit bowl favorite. This month, our apple gifts, boxes, and baskets include either Jazz or Pazazz apples grown in Washington.


Throughout July, we’re delivering bright citrus sunshine with Clementine oranges grown in Chile. They’re packed with Vitamin C and are a great grab-and-go snack for summer adventures!

Specialty Vegetables

Our featured vegetable this month is Hass avocadoes grown in California. They’re rich, creamy, and perfect for adding to summer salads and tacos or pairing with Mexican seasonings and tortilla chips. Additionally, we’ll ship white asparagus grown in Peru, and green tomatoes and Shiitake mushrooms grown in California.

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