1. Harvest Report

Royal Riviera® Pears

Our founders, brothers Harry and David, described these pears as "so big and juicy, you eat them with a spoon®." They’re irresistibly sweet and succulent and have an incredibly buttery-smooth texture. Picked by hand and carefully packaged, our legendary pears are worth waiting for, and we can’t wait to share this year's harvest with you.


Our trees are dormant for the winter, but the work is never done. Our orchardists are busy pruning trees to ensure a great harvest next year, and Mother Nature has been kind enough to supply plenty of glorious rain for our orchards.



We are currently shipping HoneyBells grown in California. HoneyBells are a type of tangelo, a hybrid of the Dancy tangerine and Duncan grapefruit. They’re only available for a short time each winter and, as many fans can attest to, are naturally sweeter than other oranges. We are also shipping navel oranges and grapefruit grown in Florida and Cara Cara oranges, navel oranges, and Sumo Citrus® mandarins grown in California.


In addition to famed Royal Riviera® Pears from our Southern Oregon orchards, we are also shipping D’Anjou pears grown in Washington and Angélys pears grown in France.

Stone Fruit

We are shipping nectarines and lemon plums grown in Chile.


We are shipping Envy apples grown in Washington and Pazzazz apples grown in New York and Michigan.

Specialty Vegetables

Our featured vegetable this month is Jerusalem artichokes grown by The Chef’s Garden. We are proud to partner with The Chef’s Garden for a selection of sustainably grown, restaurant-quality gourmet vegetables, including petite greens and edible flowers. In addition to Jerusalem artichokes, we will ship white asparagus grown in Peru, avocados grown in Mexico, and green tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms grown in California. We are also shipping farm-to-table boxes directly from Florida.

  1. Harvest Report

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