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Feature Fruit: Cara Cara Oranges

On the outside, Cara Cara oranges look like any standard navel orange you might find in a grocery store. But, upon slicing through the zesty peel, you’re greeted with a stunning pinkish-red flesh that is exceptionally sweet and juicy. Cousin to both blood oranges and standard navels, Cara Cara oranges are seedless and less acidic than other varieties of oranges. Our Cara Cara oranges are sun-ripened, handpicked, and carefully packed to ensure they arrive on your doorstep in perfect condition. Enjoy this uplifting fruit as a snack, use it as a salad topper, or pair it with cheese and crackers for a delicious appetizer.


We’re just about finished pruning our pear trees for the year. The peach trees have already budded and the pear trees will follow shortly. Our orchardists are currently setting out frost sensors and confirming that our irrigation systems are all in good working order for the upcoming growing season.



This month’s succulent selections of pears include either Angélys pears grown in France or Bartlett pears grown in Argentina.


Brighten up your plate with these sunny citrus offerings. Until mid-March, we will be shipping HoneyBells grown in California. Several times throughout March, we will also ship red grapefruit grown in Florida or California-grown Sumo citrus mandarins, navel oranges, or Cara Cara oranges. Late in the month, we will put out our first shipment of Gold Nugget mandarins.


Crisp and refreshing apples are always a delight. This month, our apple gifts, boxes, and baskets include any of the following: Pizzazz or Envy apples grown in Washington, Empire or Smitten apples grown in New York, and Lady Alice or Smitten apples grown in New Zealand.

Specialty Vegetables

It’s easy to eat well with this month’s featured vegetable—tender baby broccoli from California. We’ll also be shipping avocados grown in Mexico, white asparagus from Peru, and California-grown green tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms.

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