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Feature Fruit: Royal Riviera® Pears

Our famously sweet and delicious Royal Riviera® Pears are finally ready! We’re excited to share this year’s incredible crop with you, and there’s no better way to welcome the fall season than with a big, juicy bite of a Royal Riviera® Pear. Enjoy them all on their own, served alongside rich cheeses, or baked into a beautiful and tasty pie.


As the days become cooler and leaves start to change, it’s clear fall has arrived in the Rogue Valley. Our harvest has wrapped up for the season, which means our orchardists are now busy making post-harvest repairs and preparing the peach and pear trees for winter dormancy.



We’re so excited to share our precious Royal Riviera® Pears that are grown right here in Southern Oregon. We’re shipping them all month long and into the holidays—be sure to get some for you and some for a friend.


There’s nothing like biting into a crisp apple in the fall! This month, we’re shipping Smitten apples grown in Washington, New York, and Wisconsin, Jazz and Lady Alice apples grown in Washington, as well as Empire apples grown in New York.


The Florida citrus harvest starts in November—a sign that the bright and cheery citrus season is near. Our featured citrus for November is tart yet sweet red grapefruit grown in Florida’s Indian River Valley.

Specialty Vegetables

Add a bit of excitement to your vegetable selections with California-grown cardoni, our featured vegetable for the month. This unique descendent of the globe artichoke is especially popular in France, Italy, and Spain, and tastes similar to artichokes. Additionally, we’ll ship avocados grown in Mexico, white asparagus grown in Peru, and green tomatoes grown in California.

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