1. The Chef’s Garden Gourmet Vegetable Box with Cookbook
The Chef's Garden Gourmet Vegetable Box with Cookbook
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  • This Chef’s Garden® Gourmet Vegetable Box contains seasonal crops, freshly harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition
  • The Chef’s Garden® hardcover cookbook, 8.8 in L x 1.6 in W x 10.8 in H (22.3 cm x 4 cm x 27.4 cm), 640 pages
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Have a stunning selection of vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers delivered to your door. If you're looking to try some adventurous recipes or take your gourmet cooking up a notch, this box is an excellent choice. We've even included The Chef's Garden Cookbook as a reference to help you learn about the offerings in your box and creative ways to incorporate them into your menu. This incredible assortment includes 10 to 13 pounds of farm-fresh produce that's perfect for preparing impressive and nourishing upscale meals at home. This veggie box contains unique favorites used in five-star restaurants, and everything is harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition by our friends at Chef's Garden.

The Chef's Garden is a family-owned regenerative farm located in Huron, Ohio, along the shores of Lake Erie. Generations of the Jones family have farmed the land for decades, and for the past 40 years have provided top-quality produce to the world's finest chefs and their restaurants all over the world. Their mission is to "grow exceptional vegetables, care for each other and the land, and inspire a vegetable-forward future."