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Lavender Herb Wreath
Product Code: 28587X

Lavender Herb Wreath

Casual and refined, the Lavender Herb Wreath is crafted by hand from stalks of lavender interlaced with bay leaves, savory, and yarrow. The herbs that make up this wreath are grown, harvested, and air-dried in small batches by family-owned and -operated Creekside Farms of sunny Central California. Pleasantly aromatic, the lavender wreath is grown without pesticides or herbicides—an all natural piece of floral décor. Due to a current shortage of lavender, this item will not be available to ship until June 19, 2017.

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  • Lavender herb wreath [lavender, savory, bay leaves]
  • 16 in Dia x 5 in thick (40.6 cm x 12.7 cm)
  • Net Weight: 2 lb