1. HoneyBell Heritage Box Duo
HoneyBell Heritage Box Duo
HoneyBell Heritage Box Duo
available to ship february 2023
Shipping Note: The exact day fruit is picked is determined by weather. To provide the freshest fruit that meets our high standards, we pack and ship this fruit gift when our growers give the go-ahead.
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  • 2 boxes, each containing approx. 24 petite HoneyBells (10 lb per box)
  • Net Weight: 20 lb


The HoneyBell Heritage Box Duo contains two classic HoneyBell Care Packages. It offers a taste of not only the best citrus available but also the tradition behind their discovery and popularity. This premium fruit delivery brims with some of the finest HoneyBells, each one extremely sweet and juicy. Additionally, the Heritage Box includes the Cushman's origin story, which reveals the fortuitous discovery of the HoneyBell and Cushman's transformation into the renowned fresh fruit experts of today.

Give these fantastic fruits as a delicious holiday gift—though they won't ship until January, we'll send a gift announcement in December to let your recipient know they'll be coming soon.