Picnic & Wine Totes

Give a delightful gift in the form of a tote bag packed with Harry & David® treats this holiday season. Wine totes and other personalized, portable gifts are perfect for those traveling during the holidays, and each can be catered to a different person on your list. For Christmas, get someone special a personalized gift tote or stocking, filled with classic confections like Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn, signature chocolate truffles, cookies, and more. Each gift is specially embroidered with a name of your choice, adding a personal touch to a gift they’ll treasure. If you’re shopping for adults this season instead, wine totes or picnic bags are a great way to go. A personalized wine tote is another great way to make a statement, featuring Harry & David vineyards’ best such as the full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, all with a personalized, customized name or message. There are even gourmet picnic bag gift sets, the best choice for easy picnic trips, camping, or simply snacking at home. These gifts come packed with cookies, truffles, cheesecake, and savory snacks—a veritable feast that you can take anywhere. Pick up a tote or two from your local Harry & David store, or order online for quick delivery. Whether you’re shopping wine totes for yourself or tote bags to give to friends and family this holiday season, there are great gift totes to be found.

Spooky vampire bats lurk behind the castle-like walls of a sinister canvas tote. A macabre, unblinking eye gazes over a hoard of caramel popcorn. A cache of cookies hidden behind a field of pumpkin gumballs lurks just out of sight, filled with sweet rainbow pieces waiting to be found. There these treasures rest, inside Halloween candy bags and among amazing Halloween presents, waiting for their chance to spring out upon the unwitting and to bring forth gales of laughter and shrieks of holiday horror.

These are only some of the Halloween treats that Harry & David presents in delightful trick-or-treat bags, specially chosen to be the perfect Halloween candy gifts. A Halloween treat bag is a sneaky surprise before the long night’s trek to collect all the candy, giving the lucky recipient a scrumptious taste of what’s to come while also providing a convenient Halloween goodie bag with which to store the evening’s collected candy. Each sturdy bag holds just enough sweets to satisfy the ardent candy lover, and there’s often plenty of room to add a name or other personalized touch, making it easy to keep track of each bag.

Harry & David has a plethora of unique and charming themed treats, so continue to browse online with us for additional Halloween treat bag ideas.