Moose Munch® Single-Serve Coffee Two-Pack
Chocolate Cherry Decadence Single-Serve Coffee
Moose Munch® Single-Serve Coffee
Single-serve coffee pods can be ideal for a variety of reasons, such as allowing you to easily enjoy just a single cup. Coffee that comes without the hassle of making a whole pot sounds efficient and wonderful to us. Single-serve coffee packets are an excellent choice for someone on the go and can even be used to swiftly have a cup of joe at the ready while out camping or hiking.

Savor the aromas as you start the day, and enjoy a steaming cup of exceptional coffee that only perfectly roasted Arabica beans of the finest quality can deliver. Discover a varied assortment of flavors in our single-serve coffee cups and other gourmet coffee gifts.

Whether you are looking to ease into the morning, need an afternoon pick-me-up, or enjoy relaxing with a mug of something rich and comforting after dinner, our flavored coffee single-serve cups are sure to fit the bill. We have a varied assortment of flavors with options that are sure to satisfy everyone’s preferences. In addition to popular year-round favorites, we offer seasonally inspired blends and flavors that bring a pleasant taste of the holidays to every mug.

We sell the best single-serve coffee, and we’re proud of that fact, but we’ll let you discover it for yourself. We’re sure you’ll taste the difference.