1. Baking & Pancake Mixes

##Baking Gift Sets For folks who love gourmet flavors but are short on time, stocking their pantry with ready-made pancake mix, scone mix and biscuit mix is like having a personal chef at home. All of the selections found here make beautiful baking gift sets for anyone on your list who wants to have fun in the kitchen.

##Pancake Mixes Even if you often make pancakes using a basic recipe, you may enjoy the flavor variety and ease of prepared pancake mixes. Our pancake mixes will help you pan-fry cakes like those at your favorite breakfast café: chocolate chip, cinnamon bun, old fashioned, apple cinnamon, pecan praline and pumpkin spice. Once you’ve tasted success with delectable homemade pancakes, you’ll want to try baking bread, scones and biscuits from our gourmet mixes. Our scones are a light biscuit-type pastry that can be served with any meal. Flavors include old fashioned, lemon poppyseed, strawberry, peaches and cream, orange almond, raspberry, cinnamon, and pumpkin.

Everyone knows that half of what makes something extra tasty is what you put on it. Our gourmet syrups, sauces and toppings will make even simple desserts unforgettable. Sweet and spicy, smooth and delicious flavors include honey crème, blackberry, hot fudge, caramel, peach vanilla bean, cherry, harvest spice, wild blueberry, cinnamon maple and whole raspberry. Pick your favorites and dress up breakfast bread and ice cream treats to your heart's content.