1. Pies

Gourmet Pies Delivered

Order pies online from Harry & David and you’ll discover what true gourmet pies taste like. You’ll find a wealth of delectable flavors to savor, some of which are handcrafted in our own pie bakery.

Whether you’re looking for an apple pie delivery to complete your family meal or Thanksgiving pies to serve at your next holiday gathering, you’ll find that when you buy pies online from Harry & David, you’re getting only the finest pies for sale, created by experts using premium ingredients, including real, fresh fruit and many items sourced from small, local farms, and come topped by a flaky and delicious hand-crimped crust. Our pies are truly an artisanal bakery treat that doesn't skimp on flavor or quality.

Searching for an online bakery to send the perfect key lime pie? Harry & David delivery options can be customized to ensure your pie arrives on time to help you celebrate any occasion. Once you try our bakery delivery, you’ll understand why our dessert gifts have become an annual tradition for generations of families.

Celebrate Pi Day 2022 with the Best Pies from Harry & David

Few things in life are more soul satisfying and heartwarming than taking a bite out of a sweet gourmet pie. From a thoughtful apple pie delivery to your parents to a fun peach and berry pie delivery for a friend who recently got promoted send pies to all your loved ones to share the happiness with our convenient pies delivery options. Order pies online today to create memories as warm and pleasurable as the pie gifts themselves.

Different Types of Pies to Send

  • Cherry pie – For the metaphorical and literal cherry on top of any occasion with its flavorful and fruity taste that makes for the perfect dessert.
  • American style apple pie – For the supreme satisfaction that is the embodiment and essence of what soul food is.
  • Chocolate crème pie – For a rich pie that melts into your mouth in a burst of sweetness that is the stuff that chocolate lovers' dreams are made of.
  • Salted caramel apple pie – For a playful and contemporary twist on a classic that brings together the best of both worlds in every single bite.
  • Peach and berry pie – For the perfect end to any meal or the perfect gift for any occasion with its perfectly balanced flavor that always hits the right spot.