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Movie Night Snacks

After a long week at work, sometimes a movie night party is just the way to unwind a little and let the stress fade away. Putting on a film and setting out an assortment of snacks for yourself and your friends can work miracles. Many of our gifts and treats make wonderful gourmet snacks for movie night get-togethers.

From crunchy and sweet Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn or customizable boxes of homemade cookies to maltballs in a range of delicious flavors, there are plenty of sweet snacks to enhance your movie night. We also have toffee, made with hazelnuts, cashews and candied pecans for a treat that’s buttery, crunchy and rich. And we’re especially proud of our ice cream-inspired truffles, with classic flavors like butter pecan and rocky road that hearken back to the days of cool treats found in ice cream parlors. And that’s to say nothing of our famous Royal Riveria® Pears. Though if you plan to eat one while watching a film, we suggest having a napkin or towel within easy reach.

While movie night snacks traditionally fall on the sweet end of the spectrum, the occasional savory treat can provide a nice counterbalance. It’s also a great way to have a unique and memorable spread of snacks. We have a selection of gourmet savory finger foods to complement the sweeter offerings, including an assortment of snack boxes brimming with smoked sausage, cheese, our pepper and onion relish, honey hot mustard, crackers and more.