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  1. Moose Munch Snack Mix Deluxe Tin
Moose Munch™ Snack Mix Deluxe Tin
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  • Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn, 6 bags (10 oz each):
  • Classic caramel and super party snack mix, 2 bags
  • Classic caramel and sweet and spicy snack mix, 2 bags
  • Classic caramel and cheddar cheese snack mix, 2 bags
  • Decorative tin, 8.2 in Sq x 8 in H (20.8 cm x 20.3 cm)
  • Net Weight: 3 lb 12 oz


Perfect for parties or movie nights, these incredible mixes are the ideal combination of sweet and savory. We've brought together some of our bestselling snacks with our iconic popcorn to create a truly irresistible experience. Enjoy two bags each of our sweet heat, super party, and cheddar snack mixes, each featuring caramel-coated popcorn and nuts with seasoned snack mix.