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Halloween Chocolate Grahams
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Halloween Chocolate Grahams

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Halloween Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn Tin
Deluxe Signature Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate-enrobed grahams from our candy kitchen have long been a Halloween favorite. We start with crispy graham crackers then double dip them in rich milk, dark, or white chocolate, giving each delicious bite a thick layer of silky sweetness. Each graham is hand decorated in the theme of the season. These Halloween treats arrive in a box featuring an exclusive, vibrant sugar-skull design.

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  • 18 chocolate-covered grahams (1 oz each):
  • 6 sugar skull-decorated milk chocolate
  • 6 sugar skull-decorated white chocolate
  • 6 dark chocolate decorated with purple stringing
  • Net Weight: 1 lb