1. Chocolate Truffles in Heart Box
Chocolate Truffles in Heart Box
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  • Chocolate truffles (30 pieces, 0.68 oz each):
  • 5 milk chocolate toffee pecan with crushed pecans
  • 5 dark chocolate blueberry with purple sprinkles
  • 5 dark chocolate cherry with red drizzle
  • 5 strawberry milkshake with red drizzle
  • 5 white chocolate crème brulée with pink drizzle
  • 5 milk chocolate with white drizzle
  • Net Weight: 1 lb 3 oz


Spread a little joy with a classic heart-shaped box of premium truffles. This sweet gift is packed with a medley of velvety chocolates that ignite all of the best senses of the season. Some featured flavors include playful strawberry milkshake truffles, elegant cherry truffles, and luscious milk chocolate truffles that are sure to inspire delight.