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Holiday Amaryllis Trio
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Holiday Amaryllis Trio

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Grand Amaryllis Centerpiece

If you like to send flowers for the holidays, choose an amaryllis gift this year. With sunlight and water, these three bulbs will produce spectacular blossoms atop tall stalks. The Minerva's blossoms are red with white centers, the red lion has a crimson flower, and the double white ruffle amaryllis blossoms are stunning. All three arrive planted together in an elegant red and black container made of wood and metal.

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  • 3 pre-planted amaryllis bulbs:
  • 1 Minerva
  • 1 Red Lion
  • 1 Snow Drift double ruffle
  • Decorative wood and aluminum container, 15 in L x 5.6 in W x 5 in H (38.1 cm x 14.2 cm x 12.7 cm)