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  1. Mini Rose Plant Gift Trio
Mini Rose Plant Gift Trio
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  • Three 4-inch preplanted mini roses
  • Decorative tin container, 14.25 in L x 5.5 in W x 5 in H (36.1 cm x 13.9 cm x 12.7 cm)


Roses send a message of love and gratitude for the person who you admire and appreciate. Brilliant lavender and yellow miniature blooms are complemented by a stylish tin planter decorated with a fantastic floral pattern. These mini rose plants are the perfect things to brighten up any room in the house, or to bring someone special a fragrant, vibrant gift for any occasion. Some mini roses will arrive with a couple blooms and tight buds that will blossom over time. Detailed care instructions are included to ensure your plant gift thrives long after it is received.