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Pink Anthurium Plant
Product Code: 29021X

Pink Anthurium Plant

Sometimes known as the Flamingo Flower, the pink anthurium is a uniquely shaped and beautiful plant gift. Firm, dark-green leaves thrust horizontally from the sides, while pink, petal-like spathes rest below the flowery spears that rise from the stems. This interplay of colors and shapes creates a captivating plant gift that will be cherished for its distinctive beauty. Anthurium plants enjoy temperatures above 40°F and indirect light, should be watered weekly, and should remain in a pot only slightly larger than the plant itself. Suitable for USDA hardiness zones 11 and 12.

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  • 6-inch pre-planted pink Anthurium
  • Decorative container, 7 in Dia x 5.3 in H (17.7 cm x 13.4 cm)