Peaches and Poundcake
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Peaches and Poundcake

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Two Boxes of Oregold® Peaches
Cherry-Oh!® Cherries Duo

Oregold® Peaches, expertly grown and tended in the rolling hills of Southern Oregon, are the delicious essence of summer. These sweet, fragrant fruit are carefully handpicked and shipped to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. They're even more delicious when enjoyed with a slice of rich lemon poundcake and the intense fruity flavors of all-natural Maury Island Limited Harvest raspberry topping.

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  • Approx. 8 Oregold® Peaches (2 lb 11 oz)
  • Lemon poundcake (10 oz)
  • Raspberry fruit topping (11 oz)
  • Net Weight: 4 lb 1 oz