1. Florida Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit
Florida Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit
Shipping Note: The exact day fruit is picked is determined by weather. To provide the freshest fruit that meets our high standards, we pack and ship this fruit gift when our growers give the go-ahead.
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  • Approx. 10-12 ruby red grapefruit (6 lb 8 oz)
  • Net Weight: 6 lb 8 oz


Start your mornings off right with the sweet-yet-tart taste of ruby red grapefruit. Grown in Florida's Indian River Valley, these are truly special fruit. They are exposed to a warm, humid climate and cool Atlantic breeze—unique growing conditions that yield incredible citrus. Allowed to ripen on the tree before being picked, these extra-juicy grapefruit are some of the sweetest available, and pair perfectly with avocados, fish, in salads and with other citrus fruits.