1. Royal Riviera® Pears and HoneyBells
Royal Riviera® Pears and HoneyBells
Shipping Note: The exact day fruit is picked is determined by weather. To provide the freshest fruit that meets our high standards, we pack and ship this fruit gift when our growers give the go-ahead.
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  • Approx. 7-9 Royal Riviera® Pears (5 lb)
  • Approx. 12 HoneyBells (6 lb 8 oz)
  • Net Weight: 11 lb 8 oz


Discover the delicious taste of these two renowned fruits. The pears that started it all, our Royal Riviera® Pears, are delicate and require a very specific climate in which to grow, making the warm days and cool nights of Southern Oregon ideal for cultivating this famous fruit. The sweet flavor, buttery texture, and extreme juiciness of these pears are what make them so delicious. Every one is handpicked and packed to arrive at your door in perfect condition. Just like our famous Royal Riviera® Pears, HoneyBells are also picked at peak ripeness. A unique, bell-shaped citrus, HoneyBells have a sweetness unlike any other citrus, and due to a limited growing season and the care that goes into cultivating these delicious fruits, they are always in high demand.