1. Cushman’s HoneyBells® Heritage Box
Cushman's HoneyBells® Heritage Box
Shipping Note: The exact day fruit is picked is determined by weather. To provide the freshest fruit that meets our high standards, we pack and ship this fruit gift when our growers give the go-ahead.
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  • Approx. 24 petite HoneyBells (10 lb)
  • Net Weight: 10 lb


Carefully cultivated and handpicked at their peak, HoneyBells are a surprisingly sweet cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Because of their unique growing season, they're only available once a year, making them a rare and highly anticipated treat. Our 10-pound Heritage Box features HoneyBell Kisses® citrus and contains approximately 24 pieces of seedless, bell-shaped fruit that have been specially selected for their smaller size. Like a radiant sunbeam when it's needed most, each juicy bite is truly a delight during the winter months. Treat yourself, family, and friends to a succulent slice of sunshine while supplies last.