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Kabocha Squash
Product Code: 32342X

Kabocha Squash

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  • Approx. 1 Kabocha squash (3 lb 4 oz)
  • Net Weight: 3 lb 4 oz

Also known as Japanese Pumpkin, Kabocha squash, pronounced "kah-BOH-chah", is an exotic winter squash with a pleasantly sweet, hearty flavor. With a striking, muted green exterior often covered with uneven stripes and richly colored flesh ranging from bright orange to yellow, this squash will add new beauty and flavor to your menu. Kabocha squash was cultivated to be a sweeter, more delicious pumpkin that is easier to cook and enjoy. Because of this care, the skin can also be eaten, though you may choose to remove it before cooking for added tenderness. Kabocha squash makes an incredible addition to soups, risottos, curries, and pastas as it holds its shape well while cooking and provides a remarkable depth of flavor.