1. The Chef’s Garden Seasonal Mesclun
The Chef's Garden Seasonal Mesclun
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  • Mesclun (1 lb)
  • Net Weight: 1 lb


Create amazing salads, soups, smoothies, and much more with this fresh seasonal mesclun variety. You'll find an array of premium offerings including baby lettuce, a seasonal salad blend, and other delicious greens that will bring your dishes to life. The experts at The Chef's Garden put intense focus on the quality of their soil, which results in greens that are both full-flavored and nutrient dense.

The Chef's Garden is a family-owned regenerative farm located in Huron, Ohio, along the shores of Lake Erie. Generations of the Jones family have farmed the land for decades, and for the past 40 years have provided top-quality produce to the world's finest chefs and their restaurants all over the world. Their mission is to "grow exceptional vegetables, care for each other and the land, and inspire a vegetable-forward future."