1. Grand Easter Gift Basket
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  • Approx. 4 Royal Verano® Pears (1 lb 10 oz)
  • Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn - dark chocolate (6 oz)
  • Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn - dark chocolate-covered (10 oz)
  • Dark chocolate-covered pretzels (6 oz)
  • Yogurt-covered pretzels (4 oz)
  • Malt ball mini eggs (6 oz)
  • Milk chocolate-covered apricots (4.5 oz)
  • Solid milk chocolate bunny (10 oz)
  • Caramel-filled dark chocolate eggs (4 oz)
  • Signature chocolate truffles [coffee, cherry, raspberry, almond, all dark, milk chocolate] (4 oz)
  • Woven chipwood basket, 13 in L x 10.5 in W x 6.3 in H (33 cm x 26.6 cm x 16 cm)
  • Net Weight: 5 lb

Share a stylish Easter basket complete with a hand-tied bow and filled with enough delights to make Peter Cottontail proud. To start, there are sweet and juicy pears, including one wrapped in pink foil. Then there's an assortment of tasty treats and confections: Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn, chocolate-covered fruit, and our signature truffles. Nestled among these goodies are caramel robins eggs, mini eggs, pretzels dipped in either dark chocolate or yogurt, and a milk chocolate bunny. Your hunt for the ultimate Easter gift ends here.

  1. Grand Easter Gift Basket