When you are stocking your pantry with gourmet food, remember to include delicious butters and bread spreads. Butters and bread spreads from Harry & David are carefully crafted using the best ingredients to create a depth of flavor that adds a fabulous dimension to your breakfast croissant or morning slice of toast. Our sweet butters are indispensable when you are making sandwiches for a picnic, and you’ll want to add our butters to your school lunch sandwich lineup as well. Impromptu entertaining is another reason to stock your pantry with premium gourmet food from Harry & David.

When friends and family drop by unexpectedly, it is great to be able to offer a fabulous assortment of appetizers at a moment’s notice. Spread a gourmet sauce or one of our delicious butters on ciabatta for an instant crostini. You can also mix a gourmet sauce with sour cream, yogurt, or cream cheese for a marvelous dip to complement chips, fresh-cut vegetables, or fresh fruit slices. Each gourmet sauce we offer is blended with the perfect spices. Our butters are sweet, savory, and delightful. And because our gourmet sauces and butters are packaged in jars, they are easy to store. After you open them, they keep well in the fridge, too. Our fabulous assortment of butters and bread spreads is the ideal addition to your gourmet pantry.