Deluxe Organic Fruit Gift Basket
Organic Fruit Gift Basket
Organic Classic Pepper and Onion Relish
Organic Cherry-Oh!® Cherries
Organic Oregold® Peaches

Organic Gift Baskets

Our collection of organic fruit gifts is perfect for the health-conscious. Many of our most popular fruits have organic counterparts. Enjoy juicy mouthfuls of organic Royal Riviera® Pears, sweet slices of Oregold® Peaches, and bountiful handfuls of Cherry-Oh!® Cherries. You can also receive an organic fruit delivery month after month with one of our Organic Fruit Clubs. These Clubs spotlight a rich mixture of organic fruits, ranging from nectarines and grapefruit to exotic mangœes and carefully cultivated heirloom apples native to the Pacific Northwest. Send a gift basket filled with fresh, delicious organic fruit for an always-welcome and pleasant surprise. Harry & David is all about providing the best, which is why we are broadening our selection of organic fruit gifts.

Share premium fruit with your loved ones by sending them one of our organic fruit gifts. At Harry & David, we maintain high standards for every one of our gifts, and that includes the fruit that gœes into our organic fruit baskets. We contract with small growers who are committed to the same principles of quality, and use only the freshest premium fruit in our organic gift baskets. All of the organic fruit in our gifts is grown, harvested, and packaged in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program.