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Tulip Fragrance Lotion Set Gift Basket
Product Code: MK0414

Tulip Fragrance Lotion Set Gift Basket

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Distress white natrual wood three sectional caddy. This gift basket set includes a satin bow (400 ml) shower gel (470 g) bath salts (400 ml), and hand cream. On the top, fragrances include green, bergmant, magnolia, ylang ylang, orange, cassis. The middle section has the following fragrances: cinnamon leaf,clove, jasmine, tuberose, osmanthus, pine balsam. The base's fragrances include: musk, vanllia, vetier, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Tulip, a national symbol of Turkey, has played a major role in Turkish arts and culture for centuries. These fragrant colorful blooms make a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. Treat your special someone to the most luxuriously indulging bath experience. As soothing calm escapes from stress, the spa gift set moisturizes and refreshes the body and revitalizes the mind and spirit. Expressing your love, lifting someone's spirits, or just letting that special someone know you're thinking about him or her has no designated day. The unique quality and distinctive fragrances of all Freida & Joe's products express perfectly how special that person is to you.

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