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  1. Royal Verano® Pears and Early Harvest Cherries
Royal Verano® Pears and Early Harvest Cherries
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  • Approx. 6 Royal Verano® Pears (2 lb 8 oz)
  • Approx. 44-55 Plump-Sweet Cherries (1 lb)
  • Net Weight: 3 lb 8 oz


The perfect springtime gift, these fresh, succulent Royal Verano® Pears are joined by our delicious Plump-Sweet Cherries for a truly extraordinary combination. A longtime customer favorite, these cherries are known countrywide for their flavor. Royal Verano® Pears are juicy, delicious fruits that only grow in a few select locations, and are a spring staple in the Harry & David™ orchards. Give someone the gift of fresh fruit this spring.