Royal Verano® Pears

Explore gifts featuring our most famous fruit. Hurry, supplies are limited this year, so order yours today.

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Gourmet Pear Gifts & Gift Boxes

Our gourmet pear gifts & gift boxes revolutionized the idea of having a fruit gift delivered. Packaged in a gift box on their own, or accompanied by crunchy nut snacks and creamy cheeses, our pear gift baskets are the perfect delivery gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and more! In the 1930s, it was impossible to order pears or fresh fruit and have them shipped across the country. Our founders, Harry and David Holmes, changed that with pears "so big and juicy, you eat them with a spoon®."

Today, our famous Oregon pears are carefully cultivated and tended by a team of agricultural experts and experienced orchardists. Handpicked at the peak of ripeness, the pears are placed in cold storage, which causes the sugars in each pear to become concentrated, resulting in sweeter, juicier fruit. For 80 years, we’ve been crafting fruit gifts based around our amazing pears. We’ve added a variety of gourmet treats in wide range of flavor profiles to our pear gift baskets so that you have lots of options to choose from. The most popular fruit baskets are paired with award winning artisan cheeses, but view some of our other favorite pear gift set options:

  • Classic Royal Verano Pears
  • Organic Royal Verano Pears
  • Pears & Wine
  • Pears, Apples, & Cheese
  • Pears & HoneyBells
  • Pears with Apples & Caramel Sauce

Fancy Pear Delivery

If you want something more crunchy or savory with your fancy pears, we offer gift baskets that include crackers, nuts, salami, and our popular Moose Munch® Gourmet Popcorn. Order now and enjoy nationwide fresh fruit delivery that is backed by the strongest guarantee in the business. From the spiced flavor of crunchy Bosc pears to the creamy texture of our signature Comice pears, you can be sure that ordering a gourmet pear basket delivery from Harry & David is to order a taste of handpicked perfection. Pears for Christmas are a fun and fresh way to show people your care. Be sure to send pears as corporate gifts to co-workers, employees, and clients to express gratitude this holiday season.

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