Start your Thanksgiving holiday by savoring a cup of our Moose Munch® Coffee. The indulgent flavors of the coffee sampler are like dessert in a cup. If you're the cook on duty preparing the Thanksgiving dinner, you'll enjoy the six different flavor options. For family and friends who prefer to start their day with hot chocolate, they can pick from the four premium flavors of peppermint, Belgian white chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel in our Hot Cocoa Collection. We've got a great gift designed for your favorite hot beverages. Check out the His, Hers and Ours Coffee Gift Set and consider who would love that under the Christmas tree. Thanksgiving drinks typically include a wide variety of refreshments to serve a diverse gathering. Our gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate and wine can all add to the festivities.

If you'd like to spend more of your holiday time enjoying coffee drinks or sipping wine with your family and guests, then check out our prepared meals and let us do most of the cooking for you.