Taste the most exceptional fruit of the season,
handpicked at peak ripeness
and delivered in perfect condition.
Oregon Blueberries
Juicy Giant® Nectarines
Dark Sweet Plums
Royal Verano Pears
Oregold® Peaches
Cherry-Oh!® Cherries and Rainier Cherries
Cherry-Oh!® Cherries
Rainier Cherries
Two Boxes of Royal Verano Pears
Two Boxes of Oregold® Peaches
Royal Verano Pears and Cherry-Oh!® Cherries
Cherry-Oh!® Cherries Duo
Southern Hemisphere Clementines
Organic Cherry-Oh!® Cherries
Summer HoneyBells
Organic Strawberries
Organic Oregold® Peaches
HoneyBells and Royal Riviera® Pears
Western HoneyBells - Four Trays
Western HoneyBells - Three Trays
Cushman's Family Cookbook
HoneyBell Heritage Box

Seasonal Fruit

A seasonal fruit gift and fresh fruit delivery from Harry & David speaks volumes about the gift giver—sophisticated, thoughtful, and conscientious. That’s why, at Harry & David, we only send the finest fruit, picked at the peak of the season, in our fresh fruit gifts.

Choose your favorites from our fruit arrangements and rest assured that we will deliver your fruit gifts on time and in perfect condition. There are so many occasions for which fresh fruit gifts are perfect. Send fruit to help someone special celebrate an anniversary, wish a loved one happy birthday with a fresh fruit delivery, or welcome a new member into your community with one of our wonderful fruit gift ideas.

The best way to ensure that a gift will be appreciated and put to good use is to send the gift of food. Fruit gifts, whether they are fruit arrangements, baskets brimming with a variety of delectable fruit, or whole boxes of pears from our orchards, will definitely be met with delight.

We grow most of our fruit in our own orchards. Agricultural experts carefully monitor each crop, and when the time is right, the fruit is picked by hand. Then, we pack it into boxes, baskets, and fruit arrangements for fruit delivery after fruit delivery. Order a fruit delivery of your own today. You will be glad you did.