Charcuterie & Cheese

Sometimes you just need to eat sausage and cheese on crackers for dinner. We get it. It's just that good. We've got plenty of add-ons for your cheese and crackers meal. Our honey hot mustard adds a tangy twist. Cheese and crackers topped with our famous pepper and onion relish gives you the ultimate savory snack. Try it and see for yourself why this relish is famous.

Our meat and cheese gift baskets include some pretty fancy smoked sausages with names like Thuringer, Sopressata and Tartufo. With names like that you know we're talking some seriously gourmet foods. We mix it up a bit with our meat gifts. You can have pears and apples with your cheese and crackers. Rich, creamy chocolate truffles and raspberry galette cookies add a sweet finish to a sausage and cheese gift box. Several of our meat and cheese gift baskets include our popular Moose Munch® Popcorn and tasty mixed nuts. Your friends are certain to enjoy our sausage and cheese gifts, and they'll probably stir up your appetite as they tell you all about it. So go ahead and order a basket for yourself too. Maybe add a bottle of Harry & David™ wine so you can toast your gift giving skills. Nice.